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  1.   Episode 5 Bonus Clips

    Check out deleted scenes, extended arguments, bumps, bruises and every thing in between!

    Air Date: 4/06/08

  2.   Episode 5 Show Clips

    Dustin returns to a team that is not pleased to see him. Check out the highlights to see this week's drama!

    Air Date: 4/10/08

Full Episode Summary

After playing hooky the previous week, Dustin Diamond is back, but his excuses don't fly with his teammates. And when Harvey starts lobbing insults, Dustin calls his attorney and threatens to have Fit Club shut down for good! As resentments build, Dustin questions Brian Dunkleman for not backing him up, and lets loose about his anger towards Harvey. At the team challenge, injuries knock out two Fit Clubbers, and the challenge itself nearly knocks out the rest. The ceremony provides more drama as Dustin is confronted by his teammates.