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  1.   Episode 6 Bonus Clips

    Check out these extras to see the Fit Clubbers work out and flip out!

    Air Date: 4/13/08

  2.   Episode 6 Show Clips

    Harvey mixes up the teams and some Fit Clubbers want to throw in the towel. Check out the highlights!

    Air Date: 4/15/08

Full Episode Summary

After shaking up the teams, Harvey treats them to some R&R at a local pub... but Erin Moran goes over the edge with a dance, a drunken performance, and a disappearance act in the woods that leaves the rest of her cast mates stunned and concerned. The morning brings an appearance by the WWE Divas for an ass-kicking workout that leaves AJ Benza in love and Dustin Diamond on the warpath once again when he accuses Harvey of planning to send a Diva to rough him up. In the ceremony, Harvey blows up at Dustin for his outlandish accusation and Dustin fights back as he has in the past... by walking out the door.