1. Bobby BrownBobby Brown

    Once dubbed "The King of R&B," Bobby Brown has been in the spotlight for more than 30 years. As the bad boy of the popular 80's band, "New Edition," Brown quickly rose to stardom, dancing his way into the hearts of teen girls. His sex appeal and over-the-top persona launched a solo career, and shot him to the top of the Billboard charts with hits like "Humpin' Around" and "My Prerogative." In early 1992, Bobby married superstar Whitney Houston, but when stories of a tumultuous relationship and spousal abuse surfaced, they were besieged by the press. In the years that followed, Bobby's success was tempered by run-ins with the law and a serious substance abuse. In 2006, after 14 years of marriage, Houston filed for divorce. Now 40-years-old and sporting extra pounds, Bobby plans to get back in fighting shape. He's enlisted in Celebrity Fit Club: Boot Camp to reclaim his six-pack abs and to help reboot his music career.

  2. Nicole EggertNicole Eggert

    Former Baywatch hottie and child-star Nicole Eggert is eager to get back into her tiny red swimsuit. Spending her youth in top physical shape, she has always considered fitness and nutrition to be essential. In the late 80's, acting alongside Scott Baio in the hit show "Charles In Charge," Eggert drew a huge fan base because of her "girl-next-door" charm and drop-dead good looks. From there, Eggert starred alongside Pamela Anderson in "Baywatch," cementing her image as the quintessential beach babe. Now, at 38 years old, Eggert is not obese, but has some work to do if she wants to go back to looking great poolside. She arrived at Boot Camp to shed a few extra pounds and start looking like her old self again.

  3. Shar JacksonShar Jackson

    For five years, 33-year old actress Shar Jackson starred in the hit UPN sitcom, "Moesha," as Brandy Norwood's funny friend "Niecy." She enjoyed being in the spotlight as an actress, but in early 2004 that completely changed. Pregnant with Kevin Federline's second child, Shar was devastated when he left her for Britney Spears. In the aftermath of the breakup, Shar found her image plastered on tabloid covers everywhere, and the relentless media attention drove her to almost never leave her house. Shar found herself depressed and unemployed, and she started packing on the pounds. Now she's tired of living in the shadows of her celebrity ex-boyfriend and is determined to get fit. Celebrity Fit Club is her best shot at getting her confidence back, and maybe even finding new love when the show is over.

  4. Kevin FederlineKevin Federline

    Known the world over as "K-Fed," Kevin Federline is a former back up dancer for such luminaries as Michael Jackson and Justin Timberlake. Best known for his brief marriage to pop singer Britney Spears and their very public break up, Kevin received instant celebrity status and incessant media attention. Federline has been labeled a womanizer after leaving Moesha star Shar Jackson while pregnant with their second child. Since his divorce from Spears, he's battled depression and has steadily gained more than 40 pounds. Ready to shake off tabloid rumors and to lose his sizable gut, 31-year old Federline needs Celebrity Fit Club to get him back into fighting shape.

  5. Sebastian BachSebastian Bach

    As the original frontman and heartthrob of heavy metal band Skid Row, Sebastian Bach lives for his music and his adoring fans. With hits like "Youth Gone Wild" and "I Remember You," Bach quickly gained superstar status. In the early 90's, he performed with Guns N' Roses and Metallica, and was featured on the cover of "Rolling Stone" Magazine. Enjoying his rock star status, Bach's temperamental nature gained him a reputation for tirades and a brief battle with substance abuse. Later in his career, Bach appeared on VH1's "Supergroup" and MTV's "Celebrity Rap Superstar." Now at 41 years old and thirty pounds heavier, he's ready to regain his rock-hard abs and his confidence on stage.

  6. KayCee StrohKayCee Stroh

    25-year old actress KayCee Stroh started out as a dance teacher in Salt Lake City, Utah. While taking her dance class to an audition, Stroh was discovered for her incredible talent and cast in the hugely popular "High School Musical." Her role as the fun-loving hip hopper, "Martha Cox," transformed her life and brought her from humble beginnings into the spotlight of Hollywood. Often typecast as the "chubby girl", Stroh would like to slim down and shake off her plus-sized image. She hates to fail and is intent on winning the battle of the bulge.

  7. Tanisha ThomasTanisha Thomas

    24-year old Tanisha Thomas is the breakout star from the second season of Oxygen's hit reality series, "The Bad Girls Club." The hot-headed diva from Brooklyn, NY became immensely popular for her propensity for drama on the show. With a boisterous attitude and catch phrase, "pop off," she became a viral hit on the Internet as well. Her run-ins with numerous cast members on the show, sometimes over food, make her a perfect candidate for Harvey's boot camp. Addicted to candy and cupcakes, Thomas is in desperate need of a strict health regimen to keep her from a world of health problems that come with obesity.

  8. Jay McCarrollJay McCarroll

    Jay McCarroll is a budding fashion designer and the first winner of Bravo's hit reality series, "Project Runway." McCarroll charmed fans with his off-color humor while also standing out for his highly competitive personality on the show. Openly gay and full of charisma, his sharp eye for beauty has brought him critical acclaim from designers and fans worldwide. Jay has always been overweight and his family has a history of health problems. On this season of Fit Club, he will try to lose the weight to finally get healthy.