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  1.   Episode 3 Bonus Clips

    Check out chilling extras from the haunted maximum-security prison known as "The Walls."

    Air Date: 11/05/06

  2.   The First Warden Show Clips

    See what happens when the celeb ghost-hunters enter a haunted maximum-security prison.

    Air Date: 11/05/06

Full Episode Summary

Mariel Hemingway, Joe Piscopo, gold-medalist Picabo Street, The Real World's Tonya Cooley, and Baywatch's Michael Bergin head to America's deep south to investigate the haunting of a maximum-security prison (nicknamed The Walls) where the ghost of its cold-blooded warden is said to still walk the halls. In search of his ghost, the team retraces the warden's ritualized path through the prison yard and alongside the endless rows of cells in Block C. Finally, it's in the same execution chamber, where the warden put over one hundred men to death, that the team finally makes contact.