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  1.   Episode 7 Bonus Clips

    Watch funny and freaky bonus footage featuring boxer Evander Holyfield and Jackass' Wee Man.

    Air Date: 12/10/06

  2.   Brady Bonaduce Ghost Hunt

    Peep the season finale as The Bonaduces, Adrianne Curry and Chris Knight hang in a haunted prison.

    Air Date: 12/15/06

  3.   Cult Commune Show Clips

    See what happens when the celebs investigate the ghost of a girl murdered during a secret cult ritual.

    Air Date: 12/10/06

  4.   Cult Commune Show Clips

    See where our ghost hunting celebs are headed next and watch extras from last week's show.

    Air Date: 12/07/06

  5.   Scariest Screams Show Clips

    Check out some of the season's greatest screams, creepiest guests and funniest moments.

    Air Date: 12/01/06

Full Episode Summary

Shot a year before the rest of the series, this original never-before-aired pilot episode features Heavyweight boxing champ Evander Holyfield, professional Jackass Wee Man, former MadTV star Debra Wilson, Playboy model Nikki Ziering, and Julio Iglesias Jr. The first team of five investigates the ruins of a cult commune in a remote canyon in California. Their mission leads to the series' closest encounter with a ghost and the most shocking episode climax yet when one of the team members gets possessed.