Ep Type Title Date
  108  Full Episode  Dead Man Walking Full Episode 12/22/06 
  108  Bonus Clips  Episode 8 Bonus Clips 12/17/06 
  108  Show Clips  Dead Man Walking Show Clips 12/17/06 
  107  Show Clips  Brady Bonaduce Ghost Hunt 12/15/06 
  107  Show Clips  Cult Commune Show Clips 12/10/06 



About Celebrity Paranormal

In a unique blend of gritty horror with hi-tech investigation, famous actors, musicians, athletes and comedians explore real life hauntings and hunt for ghosts to discover signs of the paranormal.

We started with a haunted location, derelict and abandoned, and for this season we found some of the scariest places in the United States: a tuberculosis hospital where a patient died every hour during the height of the epidemic in the 1930's, an asylum for the criminally insane where violent psychotics left behind even more violent ghosts, an old mill plagued by the vengeful ghost of a mill worker who was mauled in one of the machines under suspicious circumstances, and a deserted 19th century prison which housed the most dangerous criminals of its time.

Next we waited until nightfall and sent in a team of five celebrities to investigate the reports of paranormal activity and hunt for the ghosts haunting that location. We gave them the history of the site, the background on the ghosts, the testimonials of the sightings. We gave them the latest tools and techniques: EMF meters, laser thermometers, thermal imaging cameras, sensitive digital recorders to pick up EVP recordings (electronic voice phenomenon). We gave them handheld cameras to document themselves, each other, and their experience.

Then we left them all alone.

The producers and crew packed up, piled into vans and drove off, leaving only a system of surveillance cameras behind. The celebrity team had until sunrise to identify what is known in paranormal circles as the Heart of the Haunting that place where paranormal energy is most active in a location.

These celebrities have dealt with the limelight, they've dealt with fans, they've dealt with photographers and reporters and everything else that goes with fame... but they've never dealt with people who have been dead long before they ever became famous. It turns out that when they're alone in the dark and the ghosts come out, celebrities are just like you and me...they scream their heads off.