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  1.   Episode 8 Bonus Clips

    See Dr. Drew's post-show analysis as rehab comes to an end, intimate therapy sessions and lighthearted personal time.

    Air Date: 2/28/08

  2.   The Disease Is Winning Show Clips

    These celebs have been acting out and it has Dr. Drew freaking out! Check out these highlights!

    Air Date: 2/28/08

Full Episode Summary

After the Catalina fiasco and food fight, Dr. Drew is fed up -- he's melting down. He tells the group that even though they are about to leave rehab, the disease is winning and that if they continue to act this way, he's doubts that any of them will make it. Dr. Drew reveals to the group that VH1 is going to pay for 3 months in a sober living facility for anyone who wants it. In Dr. Drew's opinion, they all need to take the offer, but the rehabbers come up with many reasons to say "no." Dr. Drew tells the rehabbers that he is finished helping them and as graduation approaches, it is unclear who will graduate and who will be willing to go to sober living.