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  1.   Reunion Bonus Clips

    Check out bonus scenes of our recovering addicts to see how they are doing since "Celebrity Rehab".

    Air Date: 3/13/08

  2.   Before They Were In Rehab

    Take a look at past and present patients of Dr. Drew before they decided to straighten themselves out.

    Air Date: 11/05/08

  3.   Season Relapse

    Relapse back into "Celebrity Rehab" addiction with the most memorable moments from the show!

    Air Date: 3/25/08

  4.   Reunion

    It's been six months since our celebrities have left rehab. Check out who's still sober and who relapsed!

    Air Date: 3/13/08

Full Episode Summary

The Cast reunites and talks about where they are since the taping of the dramatic, unscripted real life experiences of a group of actual celebrities as they make the life-changing decision to enter themselves into a drug, alcohol and addiction treatment program with the sincere desire to achieve true rehabilitation and recovery.

This compelling true account of addiction, healing, and redemption is being supervised with great compassion and insight by renowned addiction and recovery expert Dr. Drew Pinsky, Medical Director of the Department of Chemical Dependency Services at Southern California's Las Encinas Hospital, and host of the long-running radio and television advice series LOVELINE".

This inspirational journey begins inside one of Southern California's private addiction and recovery treatment facilities, the Pasadena Recovery Center, where a group of well-known celebrities make the brave decision to commit themselves to a legitimate protocol of supervised medical treatment over a period of several weeks At every step in

this challenging process, viewers at home will witness the real true life struggles of these celebrity patients, who ultimately appear in their sincerest human form as regular people in need of a helping hand and earnestly striving for recovery, health and future happiness.