1. Amber SmithAmber Smith

    Model, Actress
    Born March 2, 1972
    Age: 36

    "Amber followed in her mother's footsteps, starting her modeling career at age 15.
    "Amber's father, a successful football player in the NFL, was an addict and died from his disease.
    "Amber appeared in back-to-back Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issues; she was chosen as Esquire's first Vargas Girl of the 1990's and she launched the very first Wonderbra campaign.
    "Amber received recognition with high-fashion covers in Vogue, Elle, Cosmopolitan and Marie Claire, among many others. The strong editorial coverage led to advertising for L'Oreal, Buffalo Jeans, Camel, Kahlua, Volkswagen, and Panama Jack to name a few.
    "She walked the runway for many famous fashion designers such as Chanel and Jean Paul Gaultier.
    "Amber returned to America with a full portfolio shot by the world's top photographers such as Ellen Von Unwerth, Walter Chin, Arthur Elgort, and Marco Glaviano.
    "Amber was the cover girl for the March 1995 issue of Playboy and has appeared on the cover of over 300 magazines.
    "Named one of the top 50 sexiest women in the world by Maxim Magazine
    "Amber was cast in her first role in Paul Mazursky's Faithful on a referral from Robert DeNiro that stemmed from her Casino auditions. She then was cast in both The Funeral and The Mirror Has Two Faces. Later she played the part of Susan Lefferts, a Rita Hayworth look alike, in L.A. Confidential. Her resemblance to Rita Hayworth came into play yet again when she landed a role in HBO's The Rat Pack. She also starred in the Oscar darling American Beauty.
    "Heavily addicted to prescription drugs through out the majority of her career. She hasn't been off drugs at all for 16 years.
    "Amber isolated and tried to hide her addiction because "in the 90's it wasn't cool to be a drug addicted model".
    "Has never been treated in a rehab facility before Celebrity Reha,b despite having two drug overdoses
    "Because Amber's mother is a drug addict as well, she never attempted to get Amber help or treatment
    "Amber's drug addiction has been the cause of her career and life bottoming out. She lost everything and was willing to do almost anything to buy drugs.

  2. Jeff ConawayJeff Conaway

    Born October 5, 1950
    Age: 57

    "Started acting at the age of two. Featured in theater and film productions of Grease, and television shows Taxi and Babylon 5.
    "Was once a rock musician as well. He performs a music act called 'Vikki & Kenickie' with girlfriend Vikki Lizzi (CD available via their myspace page).
    "Divorced twice -- Keri Conaway (dates unknown) & Rona Newton-John (1980-1985; Olivia Newton-John's sister).
    "Well-documented abuse history of alcohol, cocaine and prescription drugs for over 40 years, off and on.
    "Victim of sexual abuse as a young boy. Also a victim of torture at the hands of neighborhood boys in his youth.
    "Attributes his substance abuse to a traumatic childhood and chronic pain caused by a back injury, but the pain lingers because of his years of addiction, causing a vicious cycle.
    "No biological children, but is a stepfather to Emerson Newton-John. Is also supposedly somehow a grandfather (most likely a 'step-grandfather' to Emerson's children).
    "Has dabbled with Scientology in his attempts to beat addiction and is currently supported in his attempts at recovery by John Travolta and other famous Scientologists.
    "Was featured on Celebrity Fit Club and season one of Celebrity Rehab. During the first season however, Jeff left early due to a back surgery that would inevitably lead him back to using prescription drugs.
    "No recent arrests but was convicted of a DUI in 1990 for sideswiping a bicycle rider in Santa Monica.
    "He has been to several rehabilitation programs over the years but his biggest problems seem to be overcoming his tragic childhood and learning to deal with his chronic back pain in a way that doesn't involve abusing drugs or alcohol.
    "His recovery may also be contingent on the cooperation and sobriety of Vikki, who often plays the role of enabler.
    "Recently Vikki and Jeff have been involved in an altercation at home where Vikki allegedly kicked Jeff in the back five times. Both were high on cocaine at the time.

  3. Nicki McKibbinNicki McKibbin

    Age: 29

    "Born in Grand Prairie, Texas. Now lives in Fort Worth, Texas.
    "Married to her second husband, Craig (Friday the 13th, 2007)
    "One biological child Tristen (age 10,) and one stepdaughter (age 13)
    "Third finalist in the 1st season of American Idol (2002). Was the first American Idol contestant to sing rock, and held the record for being the only finalist to be in the bottom two or three on five separate occasions. A record that stood until 2006.
    "Prior to appearing on American Idol, she was a top 20 finalist on Popstars.
    "Has had consistent money problems in her life and at one time was a stripper "to support her son." After American Idol, she started waiting tables.
    "Has appeared in numerous reality shows...a special 'reality stars' episode of Fear Factor; Battle of the Network Reality Stars (during which she clashed with Omarosa); and Kill Reality (a documentary about the making of a movie starring former reality TV stars).
    "Appeared in a video for the band Rivethead and toured with them to promote her long-awaited debut album, "Unleashed", which came out in May, 2007 on her manager's record label, Chenoa Records.
    "In August 2007, her mother died after a night partying with Nicki, drinking and doing cocaine (her mother was three times the legal limit when she died). Although her mom was an addict herself, Nicki carries tremendous guilt about her mother's death because she supplied her with the drugs and alcohol that night.
    "Nicki was reportedly hospitalized in February 2008 after a suicide attempt (a number of white pills purported to be "migraine medication"). A friend said she was depressed and wanted to be "with her mom in heaven." She got violent in the cop car, trying to kick out the windows and was released after 72 hours.
    "Nicki has a history of anger and aggression and is prone to violent behavior.
    "She attributes much of her severe anger and drug abuse to being sexually and physically abused as a child at the hands of her own cousin.

  4. Sean StewartSean Stewart

    Celebrity Offspring
    Born: September 1, 1980
    Age: 27
    " Father is rocker Rod Stewart
    " Mother is former model Alana Hamilton
    " He's the only celebrity offspring featured on the show this season
    " Sean is unmarried, but was engaged to Caleigh Peters for a few days in 2007. He threw her out days after their engagement was announced and they remain in an unhealthy on again, off again relationship.
    " Starred in the reality show, Sons of Hollywood, and is an aspiring DJ
    " Sons of Hollywood co-stars call him 'carefree' and 'unfiltered.'
    " Sean is very impulsive. He struggles with numerous women issues, as well as a huge father issue. He says, "Being Rod's son is a curse."
    " Regarding what he's been doing since high school, Sean says: "Lot of rehab. Lot of drugs. Heroin and pills. Lot of alcohol. And that's about it. I don't care what people think of me. I am funny, courageous, outgoing, not afraid to say what the hell I want. I have gotten smacked across the face a few times in my life. I have an outrageous mouth. I don't know why. My dad must have been pretty wasted when he had me."
    " He has had numerous arrests: June 2007 for assaulting a married couple with a brick; was sued for assaulting a man in a nightclub in January 2006; was arrested twice in 2002 for separate incidences of assault and drug possession.
    " However, according to "Stewart is clean and sober after a decade spent dabbling in hard drugs, but even without the added stimulation he's a whirling dervish who rarely finishes conversations and constantly pulls up his T-shirt to display his numerous tattoos."
    " The big question is whether or not Sean will take his time at Celebrity Rehab seriously. Due to his opportunist history as a reality television star, it is unlikely that he sees participation on the show as anything other than a chance to further his notoriety, not sobriety.
    " He claims he's been off drugs for years, and is three months sober off alcohol

  5. Rodney KingRodney King

    Historical Figure
    Age: 43

    "Rodney King lives in Rialto, CA and is bankrupt
    "Known for the 1991 beating by Los Angeles police which was caught on videotape, and was played all over the world
    "The police officers' acquittal in April 1992 triggered the 'L.A. Riots' which set the city on fire with widespread looting, violence and deaths
    "Two officers were later found guilty of Federal civil right charges, while the other two were acquitted
    "Since the 1991 incident, King has been arrested nearly a dozen times for offenses such as spousal abuse, driving while intoxicated, reckless driving, drug possession, and soliciting a transvestite prostitute.
    "On November 3, 1989, King assaulted a convenience store clerk with a tire iron and fled with $200. He received two years in prison for this offense but was paroled after a year.
    "King has been married at least twice and has three daughters from three separate mothers (the youngest he hasn't seen in years due to his drug and alcohol abuse)
    "At one point there were reports that King was shot with birdshots fired from an unknown shotgun. He was shot in the face, arms, back, and torso. Police arrived to his home and he appeared drunk.
    "King was eventually awarded $3.8 million for the injuries he sustained in the police beating
    "In 2004, King pleaded guilty to driving under the influence of PCP after he slammed into a power pole in Rialto, CA. He broke his pelvis from the accident.
    "In 2005, King was arrested on suspicion of domestic violence
    "He currently 'works' with friends for a tow truck company called Hud & Sons Towing. However he is a danger to himself and others because he is intoxicated the majority of the time.
    "According to Rodney, 'If you're not drunk by 10am, you're not human.'

  6. Tawny KitaenTawny Kitaen

    Age: 47

    "Born in San Diego, CA. Currently lives in San Juan Capistrano, CA
    "Real name is Julie but she started calling herself Tawny at age 12
    "First movie role was in 1984's Bachelor Party with Tom Hanks
    "Married to singer David Coverdale of rock band Whitesnake from 1989-1991
    "Married to baseball player Chuck Finley from 1997-2002 and had two daughters: Wynter Finley (15) and Raine Finley (12), both born prior to her marriage.
    "Best known for rolling around on the hood of a Jaguar wearing a white negligee for the Whitesnake video "Here I Go Again," for then boyfriend David Coverdale. She also appeared in the Whitesnake videos for "Is This Love," "Still of the Night," "Fool For Your Loving" and "The Deeper The Love."
    "Has had numerous TV roles: co-hosted "America's Funniest People" (1992-1994); was a regular on "The New WKRP in Cincinnati" (1991-1993); guest starred on "Seinfeld" (1991) and "Married With Children" (1994); had a role in both Hercules, the TV movie and series (1994).
    "Appeared on the reality show, "The Surreal Life" in 2006 and verbally attacked Florence Henderson.
    "Arrested in 2002 for domestic abuse and battery after attacking husband Chuck Finley (kicking him with her high-heeled shoe and twisting his ear). He filed for divorce 3 days later and was given temporary custody of their children and granted a temporary restraining order against Tawny.
    "Tawny admitted addicted to prescription meds for migraines and depression. She got help for substance abuse, anger management and conflict resolution as well as made a $500 donation to a battered women's shelter in exchange for dismissal of the charges.
    "Was reportedly arrested in 2006 for drug possession after the police searched her home and found 15 grams of cocaine. She underwent a six-month rehabilitation program to have the drug possession charges dropped.
    "Has an extreme case of insomnia and has become addicted to a dangerous cocktail of prescription drugs to help her sleep.

  7. Steven AdlerSteven Adler

    Orignal drummer for Guns N' Roses
    January 22, 1965
    Age: 43

    "When Steven was born, his mother immediately gave him up to his grandparents. Then at age two, she took him back, only to throw him back out at the age of 11 (once again his grandparents took him in). Steven has a lot of anger and resentment towards his mother that he's trying to cope with.
    "When Steven was 10, he met Slash. They grew up together, dreaming of being in a rock band.
    "Steven and Slash put out a newspaper ad looking for a bassist in which Duff McKagen responded. Later they worked with Axl Rose and Izzie Strandlin, which later caused the merge of the bands Hollywood Rose and LA Guns to create, Guns N' Roses (the 'original' and most famous line up of Guns N' Roses).
    "Steven's drumming appeared on the first three Guns N' Roses albums and on one song from another album, however on that song the drums were said to be heavily edited.
    "An intoxicated Steven broke his hand in 1987 while punching a street light after getting into a barroom brawl while on tour with the band.
    "At the 1989 American Music Awards, Don Henley filled in for Adler on drums. The official release said that Adler suffered from the flu but it had later been revealed that he had actually been in a drug rehabilitation facility at the time.
    "Drug problems continued in 1990 as the band recorded "Civil War", a song for their album benefiting the Romanian Angel Appeal. Axl Rose said that they had to record the song 60 times due to problems with Steven. Slash said the band had to edit the drum track on the song simply to be able to play along with it. Steven was briefly fired from the band but was reinstated after signing a contract promising to stop using drugs.
    "He was formally fired on July 11, 1990 and replaced by Matt Sorum. The official reason for his departure, according to members of the bad was, "his heavy substance abuse that impeded his ability to work."
    "In 1996, Adler suffered a stroke after taking a particularly potent speedball, a cocktail of heroin and cocaine used intravenously. He survived, but now lives with a speech impediment as a result (although it is thought that the affects have been worsened due to the continued drug use).
    "Adler's lawsuit against his former Guns N' Roses band mates was settled in 1997. He earned a back-payment check of $ 2,250,000 USD and was granted 15% of the royalties for everything he recorded prior to his departure.
    "In 1997, Adler was convicted of a domestic violence charge for attacking a woman with whom he had been living. He was sentenced to four days in jail, three years of probation and mandatory drug counseling.
    "A year later, he pleaded no contest to attacks on two other women and was sentenced to a 150-day term in prison and a year of domestic violence counseling.
    "In 2003, he started the band Suki Jones, which would later be renamed Adler's Appetite and released an EP. The band still performs live sporadically, performing sets heavy with Guns N' Roses covers.
    "Adler's substance abuse issues still continue as an interview as recent as 2006, he stated that he has, at times, used $300 worth of drugs in one night.
    "Adler is married to Carolina who, despite all the drug abuse, has remained by his side since first coming to this country from Argentina and tracking Adler down. She appears to be a very good influence in his life. With the support of close friends and Carolina, he is entering in to Dr. Drew's care with the hopes of finally becoming clean and sober.