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  1.   Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew | Episode 301 | Bonus Clips

    Check out Dr. Drew's recap of the first episode and bonus clips you didn't see on TV!

    Air Date: 1/07/10

  2.   Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew | Episode 301 | Highlights

    Dr. Drew is back with a new batch of celebrities in danger of losing their battle with addiction.

    Air Date: 1/12/10

Full Episode Summary

Addiction specialist Dr. Drew returns for a third season of Celebrity Rehab to once again face the intense task of helping a new group of celebrity patients in their quest for sobriety.

As the patients check in, Dr. Drew first lands them at the Pasadena Recovery Center, and then meets with them individually to examine the role that their addictions play in their lives. With issues ranging from dramatic abuse to severe denial, Dr. Drew discovers that this may be the toughest rehab yet.