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  1.   Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew | Episode 307 | Bonus Clips

    Check out Dr. Drew's episode recap and more from Mike's one-on-one!

    Air Date: 2/18/10

  2.   Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew | Episode 307 | Highlights

    An emotional family weekend brings some group members closer to their loved ones while pushing one to the breaking point.

    Air Date: 2/18/10

Full Episode Summary

Dr. Drew sees that Mike seems to be progressing through treatment, however he is still harboring guilt over the death of Layne Staley, his best friend and former lead singer of Alice in Chains.

Dr. Drew invites the addicts and their families to a lake house for a group session to discuss the importance loved ones play in the recovery process. Kari Ann's brothers reveal they no longer trust her due to her lying to them while actively addicted to drugs. Lisa D'Amato's sister expresses guilt for not having done more to save her from sexual abuse during their childhood.

Later, at a dinner meant to celebrate the group and their family members, Heidi becomes distressed and leaves treatment. The dinner continues without her, and Mindy McCready performs a song that stirs up a lot of emotions for the group.