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  1.   Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew | Episode 308 | Bonus Clips

    Check out Dr. Drew's episode recap and more from Dennis and Mindy's one-on-one!

    Air Date: 2/25/10

  2.   Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew | Episode 308 | Highlights

    As graduation inches closer, the celebrities start to act out. Find out who's stirring up trouble!

    Air Date: 2/25/10

Full Episode Summary

Kari Ann and Mike engage in a lewd act that shocks the group and threatens their stay in treatment. Meanwhile Bob Forrest tracks down Heidi Fleiss in Nevada, and he eventually convinces her to return to treatment.

As rehab nears an end, the patients become apprehensive about their ability to stay sober outside the safety of rehab, and many wrestle with the idea of continuing their journey in sober living. The pressure proves too much for Kari Ann, and she storms out of treatment.