1. Pumkin (Brooke)Pumkin (Brooke)

    Pumkin was the spitter from Flavor of Love. Since her notorious performance on that show, she lost her job as a substitute teacher and cheerleading coach. Her romance with Flav ended when he discovered that Pumkin had been on three reality shows before his, including Blind Date. Pumkin admits that she was never into Flav, "My ultimate goal from Flavor of Love was to get second place ... I did, you know, wanna hang out for the exposure on TV." Now she's enjoying her celebrity in her hometown of Bakersfield, CA. Pumkin may have come to Charm School to save her reputation, or maybe it's just to add to her long list of reality show credits.

  2. Buckeey (Shay)Buckeey (Shay)

    Before showing up on Flavor of Love 2, Buckeey was a "video girl" -- eye candy for rap and hip-hop music videos. In her hometown of Atlanta she hangs with the music crowd and gets into all the hottest clubs on the weekends. Since Flavor of Love 2, Buckeey's newfound fame has opened more doors for her in the model and acting biz. Highly competitive, Shay won't stand for anyone trying to step to her. When push comes to shove, Buckeey shoves harder. Almost pushing Krazy right off the second floor balcony during Flavor of Love 2 guaranteed her a seat in Charm School.

  3. Buckwild (Becky)Buckwild (Becky)

    Buckwild comes at ya straight outta Upland, yo! Upland, of course, being as whitebread of a suburban California neighborhood as they come. But that don't faze Buckwild, who is down for keepin' it real, dawg, no doubt! It's all material for her stand-up comedy routine where she promotes herself as "the blackest white girl in America." Buckwild says it's not all an act, though; she digs rap, hip-hop and kicking back with a 40 while she's chilling in her Upland crib. But her housemates on Flavor of Love 2 think she's whiter than she claims, especially after her ebonic accent went south after she walked off the show when New York moved in as a surprise contestant. Now Buckwild is in Charm School to see whether Buckwild is the real deal or whether it's all just an act.

  4. Bootz (Larissa)Bootz (Larissa)

    Bootz is a hair-stylist from Los Angeles. Her confrontational attitude on Flavor of Love 2 was no act; she's been fired from three salons due to her difficult temper. Her tough-girl demeanor seems straight-out-da 'hood, but this princess lives in a posh show-home that could be featured on MTV's Cribs. In addition to her attitude, Larissa's spoiled sense of entitlement makes her a perfect student of Charm School. With such a big chip on her shoulder will her stay last as long as her hairdo?

  5. Krazy (Heather)Krazy (Heather)

    Krazy left Flav's house with the aspirations to be a pop diva (who goes by the stage name "Nevaeh," which is HEAVEN spelled backwards). She lives with her grandmother in San Diego, where she's been working hard in the studio and with her singing coach to make her dreams of stardom come true. Krazy hates the way she looked on Flavor of Love 2 and hopes to represent herself in a positive light on Charm School. Unfortunately, a diva's ego is rarely a pretty thing to behold.

  6. SaaphyriSaaphyri

    Saaphyri is the strong-minded girl, from 54th and Crenshaw, kicked out of Flav's house in season two for starting a fist fight only minutes after entering the mansion. Raised by her father until his death while she was only a teenager, she has since been on her own. Though, Saaphyri aspires to be a hairstylist, she is currently out of work. Saaphyri hopes Charm School will help her manage her anger AND provide her with some financial stability.

  7. Like Dat (Darra)Like Dat (Darra)

    After Flavor of Love 2, Like Dat quit her job in pharmaceutical advertising to start her own event management firm called Ladybug Media Inc. A single mother of one, Darra is a strong, confident woman from Jersey City, whose personal motto is to "keep it real," and if she thinks you're frontin', she will not hesitate to check your ass. She was a loud presence in Flav's house, from jumping in the pool with her clothes on, to drinking from the OJ container at the breakfast table. Charm School is her chance to show her more sophisticated side, if she's got one.

  8. Serious (Cristal)Serious (Cristal)

    Serious is a model, but If you watched the first season of Flavor of Love, then you already knew that because she told everyone every chance she got. The other girls suspected that Serious was only on the show to promote herself and boost her modeling career (she's been making a living at it, but hasn't yet "made it"). But Serious knows she can't model forever and hopes to one day own a lingerie boutique specializing in affordable sexy-wear for the everyday woman not built like a Victoria's Secret model. Originally from Atlanta, GA, Serious comes across the country to enroll in Charm School to show the world that she's more than just a pretty face.

  9. Smiley (Leilene)Smiley (Leilene)

    Smiley was raised by her grandfather on a farm in the Filipinas selling tomatoes and fishing for frogs. Worried she was becoming too much of a tomboy, Leilene's mother enrolled her in ballet classes and she eventually attend the National Ballet School. Her years of training would later benefit her career as an exotic dancer when she dropped out of high school after tenth grade. For a brief period she was a happily married woman with three small children, until her husband left her for another woman. Now a single mother in Las Vegas, she provides for her family with the tips she's earned in strip clubs. Hoping to "quit the pole," Leilene hopes that Charm School will help her find self-confidence and emotional strength.

  10. Rain (Thela)Rain (Thela)

    After making a big splash on Flavor of Love, Rain quit her job as a legal secretary and moved from Seattle to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career. She is best known for her screaming tirade against New York in the van, a scene which shocked Rain when she eventually saw it on TV. After that wake-up call she knows she needs to learn to control her anger and she hopes that Charm School will make that come true.

  11. Goldie (Courtney)Goldie (Courtney)

    Goldie was raised on a farm in North Carolina, and is now trying to use her down-home, country humor to make it as a stand-up comedian in L.A. She describes herself as "a southern bell with a ghetto twist." Her southern hospitality helps her make friends easy. In fact, it was her friendly demeanor made Flav feel she really wasn't into him 'like that' and resulted in her elimination from Flavor or Love. But it was her puking into a bucket after getting drunk on champagne that got Goldie into Charm School. Her challenge is to shed the country-bumpkin stereotype and embrace the refinement of high society.

  12. Hottie (Schatar)Hottie (Schatar)

    Hottie refers to herself as a descendant of Madagascar royalty. Everyone else refers to her as the crazy girl who thought she could cook a chicken in two minutes in a microwave. Now she's back and just as eccentric as ever. While Schatar constantly alludes to evenings spent at red carpet events with "other" celebrities, the truth is most nights she's home feeding bon bons to her toy Pekinese, Cash. Hottie doesn't believe she needs Charm School, because she is already absolutely charming. In fact, she believes she's going to show the other girls the meaning of "charming" when rightfully given the $50,000 check.

  13. Toastee (Jennifer)Toastee (Jennifer)

    Before her explicit nude photos surfaced during her infamous elimination ceremony, Toasteee was best known for being drunk during the majority of her stay in the Flavor of Love 2 house.
    Despite the photos and videotaped evidence, she promises she's not really like that. A native of Pennsylvania, Toasteee got accepted to medical school and is currently taking on-line classes with the dream of becoming a clinical psychologist. In Charm School, Toasteee will have the chance to show whether she's changed her partying ways, or whether she's really a med-school girl gone wild.