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  1.   Episode 1 Bonus Clips

    Get Mo'Nique's post show commentary, see alternate charmers and more scenes that didn't make TV.

    Air Date: 4/15/07

  2.   No Mo' Nicknames Show Clips

    Catch the "Wicked Short" version of the debut episode of the new Flavor of Love spin-off series.

    Air Date: 4/15/07

Full Episode Summary

Thirteen of the rudest Flavorettes are back -- returning from Flavor of Love season one comes Smiley the crier, Serious the model, Goldie the puker, Pumkin the spitter, Rain the screamer, and crazy Hottie; and from season two comes Saaphyri the fighter, Bootz the hater, ghetto talkin' Buckwild, plus-size Like Dat, balcony-busting Buckeey & Krazy, and Toasteee, the drunk girl who did porn.

Their first challenge, a demanding marine boot camp obstacle course teaches them the value of teamwork, and afterwords member of the losing team gets expelled.