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  1.   Episode 6 Bonus Clips

    Check out wild moments during truth or dare, crazy fights, and more!

    Air Date: 5/20/07

  2.   Give and Take Show Clips

    The ladies are taught the value of giving to a charitable cause this week! Check out these wicked short clips!

    Air Date: 5/20/07

Full Episode Summary

This week the eight remaining girls learn about generosity when Mo challenges them to give away their own clothes to a thrift store that benefits AIDS research. While some girls start packing up their designer clothes, tears fall when one girl realizes she don't have as much to give as the others. But when they all find out just what the thrift store is willing to take, and for how much, every team must reevaluate what they're willing to part with, including one girl's family heirloom. The winning team wins a shopping spree for new clothes. One of the losing teams is so bitter than they hatch a plot to get one of the girls eliminated -- they steal one girl's picture and plant it under another girl's bed. When the picture is discovered, fingers are pointed in many directions. At elimination, will Mo figure out who was really behind the picture theft, or will the patsy fall victim to the villain's plan?