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  1.   Episode 8 Bonus Clips

    See teary-eyed exit interviews from "whore-like" women and see Saaphyri's fighting side return.

    Air Date: 6/10/07

  2.   Tore Up From The Floor Up Show Clips

    When Charm School throws a prom will the ladies end up with a player or a parolee?

    Air Date: 6/10/07

Full Episode Summary

This week the five remaining girls learn about the four types of men to avoid in relationships: the Player (charismatic), the Professional (wealthy), the Pushover (sensitive), and the Parolee (high sexual aptitude). Who they should be looking for is the Urban Renaissance Man, the type of man who possesses all four qualities in equal measure. To test whether they can spot the Urban Renaissance Man, Mo'Nique arranges the first Charm School Prom, and invites seven eligible bachelors to the party. The girl who can pick out the one Urban Renaissance Man from the group that consists of Players, Professionals, Pushovers, and Parolees will be safe from elimination. The prom degenerates into drunken debauchery and disorderliness, and Mo can barely stand to watch. Later, when the girls must vote on who represented Charm School the best and worst at the prom, the girls start hatching strategies and making alliances. One girl is torn between two sides; her vote will control who is safe and who goes to the carpet. When the votes are tallied, one friendship is betrayed, and the girl who gets sent home, does not go quietly.