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  1.   Finale Bonus Clips

    Get Mo'Nique's final word of wisdom, see interviews with the winners and losers and hot photo shoot moments.

    Air Date: 7/01/07

  2.   Ghettin' Phabulous Finale! Show Clips

    With $50,000 on the line the competition heats up and the tears start flowing in this "Wicked Short" finale.

    Air Date: 7/01/07

Full Episode Summary

In the Charm School season finale, the final four girls compete in a game-show style Q&A to see who has learned the most throughout the season; the first girl to miss three questions will get knocked out of the competition. The catch is that each girl gets to decide who to ask their question to. Three girls quickly from a strategy to gang up on the fourth, and agree to ask all their questions to one girl, and someone is sent packing. Now down to three ladies, the next competition brings out the heart and tears when the girls have to give speeches on what it would mean to them to win the $50,000 prize. But only two can be chosen to continue. Those two finalists spend the next day dress shopping and getting makeovers for the final ceremony where Mo will determine which girl has changed the most during her time at Charm School. Only one them is awarded the $50,000 grand prize, but both finalists leave with gifts they did not expect.