Ep Type Title Date
  111  Show Clips  Reunion Show! Show Clips 7/10/07 
  111  Bonus Clips  Wild Reunion Bonus Clips 7/08/07 
  110  Show Clips  Ghettin' Phabulous Finale! Show Clips 7/01/07 
  110  Bonus Clips  Finale Bonus Clips 7/01/07 
  109  Show Clips  Semester Recap! 6/17/07 


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About Charm School | Season 1

Ever wonder what became of the girls that were so nasty, vicious and rough-around-the-edges that even Flavor Flav didn't want them? What are those girls going to do? Where are those girls going to go? Luckily for them, VH1 had just the place to send them, a little place called - CHARM SCHOOL.

Thirteen of your favorite breakout stars from "Flavor of Love" seasons one and two are back for some heated competition. Living as a group, learning as a group and out for themselves, these former Flavorettes will be rigorously trained in proper etiquette and manners before competing in challenges to determine their poise and grace under pressure.

Leading these ladies down the path of self-improvement is the singularly unique Mo'Nique. Headliner of the films Queens of Comedy & Phat Girls, best-selling author and star of long-running hit show The Parkers, Mo'Nique is a self-made woman. From humble roots, she pulled herself up by her bra straps and with hard work and dignity found success and earned four NAACP Image Awards. As President of CHARM SCHOOL, Mo'Nique will tear down and then rebuild these ladies using her team of experts and her Ten Commandments of Charm School.

Each week the ladies will focus on one commandment during a comprehensive lesson followed by a demanding test. Whether they're trying to impress a famous socialite, running the world's hardest Marine obstacle course, or trying to remain composed in the face of their greatest nemesis the ladies never thought softening up would be so hard. After each test, the girl who shows the least improvement will be expelled. At the end of the ten weeks, the last girl standing (with perfect posture) will be rewarded with $50K to put towards fulfilling her life's dream.

Hair may be pulled. Spit may fly. Fists may land. But one thing is for sure, when these ladies stab each other in the back -- it will be with the proper utensil.