Ep Type Title Date
  212  Bonus Clips  Megan and Brandi C Answer The Proust Questionnaire 7/21/09 
  212  Bonus Clips  A History of Megan 7/01/09 
  212  Show Clips  Reunion Bonus Clips 1/04/09 
  209  Show Clips  Finale Bonus Clips 12/21/08 
  211  Show Clips  Finale! Show Clips 12/21/08 



About Charm School | Season 2

Those rude, crude, frequently naked girls who ferociously fought one another for the heart of rock star Bret Michaels are back -- and they're in need of some serious fixing up! Whether you love them, or love to hate them, there's no denying that the booze-fueled, rough-around-the-edges ladies that even Bret couldn't control need a place to go where they can learn a thing or two about how to get their lives on the right track. Fortunately for them, VH1 has just the place to send them, a little place you already know - called "Charm School."

Fourteen of your favorite stars from "Rock of Love" seasons one and two will come together under one roof for some healing and some heated competition. Living and learning as a group while fending for themselves, these rock and roll vixens will be taught the virtues of manners, etiquette, fashion, moderation and various other lessons designed to smooth out their very rough edges.

And pushing these ladies down the road to renewal and re-discovery is true rock and roll royalty - Sharon Osbourne. Daughter of legendary manager Don Arden and wife of the "Godfather of Heavy Metal" Ozzy Osbourne, Sharon has spent over fifty years fully emerged in the chaotic world of rock and roll, juggling the roles of mother, wife, manager, roadie, fan, and promoter. As Headmistress of "Charm School", Sharon will attempt to strip the girls of their former rebellious and wild ways. And with some help from experts along the way, hopefully Sharon will ultimately be able to transform the girls into fully rockin' ladies.

In each episode the girls will focus on one comprehensive lesson followed by a demanding test. Whether they're trying to learn how to meet the right kind of man, remain composed under intense pressure, or renounce their overindulgent party-girl ways, the women will be placed in foreign and unfamiliar situations to see how well they utilize their newly learned skills. Each week, the girl (or girls) who doesn't live up to the demanding challenges of "Charm School" will be expelled. The last girl standing will be rewarded with $100,000 to put towards fulfilling her life's dream.

Can Heather "The Stripper", Lacey "The Psycho", Kristy Joe "The Manipulator", Brandi M. "The Puker", Brandi C "The Ditz", Inna "The Ukrainian Love Gun", Angelique "The Exhibitionist" and a host of other equally colorful girls truly be transformed into self-confident, stylish, socially-acceptable young ladies? Extensions may be pulled off, punches may land and entire sentences may be bleeped. But one thing is certain, the only pole dancing that will be permitted in the "Charm School" house, will involve the horizontal pole of a ballet studio.

Building on the incredible ratings successes of "Rock of Love" seasons one and two, and "Flavor of Love Girls Charm School" -- and incorporating the tremendous talent of Sharon Osbourne, "Charm School 2: "Rock of Love" Girls" is certain to be both a huge success and a rockin' good time.