1. This Brazilian transplant moved to the United States when she was 16, and learned "all the good words" from "Ricki Lakey" and her talk show. She now lives in Las Vegas, where she works as a V.I.P. hostess. Marcia is into men who are fun, funny and horny. She enjoys hiking, spinning, pickles and eggs. Oh yeah, and tequila.

  2. Bay Bay Bay is 24 and hails from Modesto, CA, where she works as a technical recruiter. She was born in East Oakland but says her parents moved the family away because of the violence, and for a better life. On Real Chance of Love, she said she is looking for a guys that's loyal, honest, intelligent and most important: can handle her.

  3. Ashley grew up sheltered in a small Minnesota town and went "wild" when she moved to Vegas. Her mother is her best friend because she is the most amazing person on earth. Ashley says that rock stars turn her on, and she loves guys that smell good.

  4. Farrah says that friends describe her as bubbly, funny, caring, and of course, big breasted. Friends would also say that one of her worse qualities is dressing like a slut. She thinks that Bret should pick her because their personalities "fit."

  5. Lakia "Ki Ki" is a 26 year-old executive assistant from Oakland, California. Ki Ki used to work as a professional background dancer. She says she's been single for 3 years, ever since her last boyfriend was incarcerated for 40 years. Claims she is always the life of the party.

  6. Bianca "Bubbles" is 22 and lives in Queens, NY. She says she grew up in two different worlds, the Dominican neighborhood of Long Island with her American mother, and Holland with her Dutch father. She's only had two boyfriends and has been completely loyal to both. Bianca says that she is innocent and a little nave, but anxious to experience the "real world". She currently works as a waitress, and studied psychology and behavioral sciences in college.

  7. Beverly claims she once went to a Poison concert where Bret sang to her. She admits that when she was married, Bret was on her "pass" list. Says that anyone trying to intimidate her is a joke, and that competition is her thing -- "bring it on."

  8. Ebony "Riskly" is 22 and hails from Atlanta, GA. She says she was raised in the projects and it taught her to be able to go "from nothing to something, as long as you push hard enough." Says she's looking for a man that's confident, trustworthy, ambitious and a good dresser. Says that she and Chance are alike in many ways, and that Real reminds her of her brother. She appeared in the music video for "Marco Polo" (Bow Wow ft. Soulja Boy).

  9. Judith "So Hood" is a 22 year-old dancer from Chicago, IL. She says she recently broke off an engagement and is looking for great guy....with money. She is known for being late to everything and never returning phone calls. Also, she is looking for the proper role model for her 4 year-old son.

  10. Natasha is twenty-two and says she likes to wear lingerie as dresses. She enjoys dating older men because they are sweeter and more established. Natasha treats her dog "Tiny Teacup Yorkie" like he's her child -- the dog has his own bathroom, bed, etcetera.

  11. Claims to have had a boyfriend since the 3rd grade. She is thirty years old and grew up in Honolulu. An exotic dancer, Gia has said that no one intimidates her and in competitions "I always get what I want." She thinks Bret is gorgeous and talented and has been in love with him since the 4th grade.

  12. Roxanne "K. O." is 21 and comes from Oxnard, CA. She was adopted along with her twin brother after their mother died while giving birth. K.O. says she's had limited relationships because she finds men too arrogant. She can be described as detail oriented, personable, and sometimes too generous.