• Chrissy LampkinCast Member
    Chrissy Lampkin

    Christine "Chrissy" Lampkin was born in Harlem to African American and Cuban parents. Separated from her parents and raised by her grandmother, she developed a keen sense of self-preservation and used her bright young mind to leaner the ins and outs of street life.

    Her outgoing personality and quick wit led to a notoriety that eventually caught the eye of fellow Harlemite, rapper Jim Jones. Their romance blossomed quickly and soon they were inseparable. Naturally, Chrissy's keen fashion sense influenced Jim's style of dress. Realizing she has a talent for styling, she committed to styling Jon and continues to be a positive influence in his professional life. Her pet project of redesigning Jim's recording studio led to a successful foray into interior design.

    Chrissy was part of the original Love & Hip Hop cast but left the show after Season 2.

  • Emily BustamanteCast Member
    Emily Bustamante

    Love & Hip Hop Season 1 + 2

    Born in NYC, but raised in Virginia, Emily always knew fashion was her calling. From the time she was a young woman, she was determined to make it her career.

    Emily became a mother very early in her life. Yet, unlike many teen mothers, instead of derailing her plans for success, she became even more determined to find her own identity and make her dreams come true. By working diligently, Emily soon established herself as a styling expert for local entertainers and athletes in Virginia.

    At age 21, a chance meeting with Grammy-nominated rapper Fabolous would change her life forever, eventually resulting in Emily and her young daughter relocating from Virginia back to her hometown, New York City. Emily was not only thrust into a new, high profile relationship, but she also had an opportunity to take her career to the next level. Now living in the fashion capital of the world, Emily quickly developed a reputation as one of the most respected and sought after fashion stylists in the entertainment business.

    Balancing a demanding schedule along with motherhood and a serious relationship proved to be an immense challenge. As her career continued to skyrocket, she chose to remain behind the scenes to support her partner and combat the negative stereotypes often associated with being the girlfriend of a successful entertainer. As the person behind the camera for red carpets, music videos, and awards shows, Emily quietly built a clientele that includes some of the biggest names in music, television, and sports today. Currently, Emily is working on the launch of her own clothing line, "Emily B".

  • Jim JonesCast Member
    Jim Jones

    Fortitude, ambition, and creative business tactics are at the forefront of Jim Jones' career. The enigmatic Diplomat CEO and entrepreneur spent the past decade designing an empire that will solidify his place in hip hop history and beyond.

    After continued success with his Dipset crew and his Diplomat Record label, Jim's solo album, 'On My Way To Church', debuted at #18 on Billboard Top 200 in August 2004, and has sold over 200,000 copies independently to date. The videos for the first single, "Certified Gangsta", and second single, "Crunk Musik", have received consistent airplay on both BET and MTV. Jim Jones is also exceedingly popular in the fast-paced world of mix-tape releases.

    Building upon successes from his record label to his new alcohol brand, Sizzurp, Jim Jones is preparing to release a new documentary dilm, currently titled The Jim Jones Project, which presents a candidly-told cautionary tale of a "gangsta" rapper in transition. A purposeful message in the documentary is intended to act as a deterrent for the self-destructive behaviors of at-risk youth who have taken the bravado of "gangsta" rap to heart.

    Bronx-born-but Harlem raised, Jim Jones knew all to well at a very early age what the streets had to offer. While he experienced his share of trouble growing up in Harlem, he was fortunate enough to escape anything that would cause him to wind up as another statistic in the concrete jungle.

    In addition to his many ventures, Jim Jones is also gaining respect for his role as a music video director winning several music award nominations. He created the vision behind several videos for Dipsetemcee Cam'ron including "Oh Boy", "Hey Ma" and "Get Em Girl/Killa Cam", State Property's "When You Hear That", as well as his own popular "Certified Gangsta" and "How G Is This" videos.

    Jim takes his ability to influence the world at large very serious, he continues to search for new ways to find social and political growth while progressing within the Hip Hop culture. Currently, Jim is an active participator in Russell Simmons' Hip Hop Summit, The Andre Neal Foundation, as well as the South East Queens Action Network for Public Schools - all which focus on building and strengthening the community through it's youth, educating them on politics and teaching them how influential their voice is.

    Even his pursuit to bring the ideals of gangsta rap to the world with his documentary film, Jim makes it clear that he is no way advocating a movement toward it. "My advice for younger people is: please don't try this s**t at home. There's a difference between a gangsta and a gangbanger - a gangbanger is very ambitious, he has a fiery heart. When he knows how smart he is, he'll turn into a gangsta. A gangsta becomes a businessman, because with power you gotta show restraint - you only show that power when your back is against the wall and people force you to come out swinging."

    Along with fellow Harlem-based player Cam'ron, Jim Jones founded the Diplomat label, home to the Diplomats/Dipset and many of that crew's prolific solo activities. Though more of a businessman and behind-the-scenes figure than an MC (he was also named a director of AR at Warner Music Group in early 2005), Jones released solo albums in 2004 ('On My Way to Church', which hit the Top 20 upon its August release) and 2005 ('Diary Of A Summer'). Jim Jones's clothing lines, Vampire Life and Protocol, are sold around the globe.

    Jim was a main cast member on Love & Hip Hop Season 1 + Season 2.

  • Nancy "Mama" JonesCast Member
    Nancy "Mama" Jones

    Nancy "Mama" Jones is a mother, businesswoman, youth advocate, and mentor. Anyone who meets Nancy "Mama" Jones immediately recognizes that she is an unapologetic optimist and a woman whose passion, for her family and success, is stamped on every page of her life. Born and raised in Manhattan this inspiring, "real" woman has faced many challenges as a mother of 6 girls and mother of Rap Star Jim Jones.

    Nancy Jones was inspired by the world of fashion. She attended and graduated from Fashion Institute of Technology in NY with dreams of starting her own clothing line some day. With the help and instant success of celebrity son, Jim Jones, Mama Jones was very instrumental in securing and financing her first national clothing line, Nostic, which became an instant success in retail department stores across America. The clothing line appeared in music videos, print ads, and magazines such as Complex, The Source, Spanglish, and XXL just to name a few. She was involved with promotion and marketing for Jim Jones' sizzling liquor Sizzurp, which captured global attention in the Hip Hop and liquor industry.

    She is a committed community activist and youth advocacy leader, seeking to further educate the inner city youth, with continuous efforts raising money to open a teen center in Englewood, NJ. Her Sally Family Day Care Center, in the Bronx, was a huge success for underprivileged children in the NYC area. She also has a nonprofit organization which provides support for people with or affected by cancer, menopause, and heart disease.

    Nancy "Mama" Jones is an established and successful businesswoman and entrepreneur. She has been touring and visiting radio stations and venues across America promoting her current and future endeavors. She currently has a single entitled "Psychotic ...tch," which was to be distributed globally by Fanatix Agency. In 2012, she will launch her brand new clothing line, vodka, her own fragrance called Pumkash, and latex condoms, also entitled Psychotic, and the list goes on. Nancy "Mama" Jones is clearly an inspiring woman on a serious mission. If Hip Hop's God-father is Russell Simmons, then Mama Jones is most definitely the first Mother of Hip Hop.

  • Talia ColesCast Member
    Talia Coles

    Talia Coles commanded the next decade in music with the energetic phenomenon "Wish I Never See You Again". The hit that positioned her in the musical spotlight, and earned her a seat on Billboard's Dance Music Top 20, will be introduced in October 2012 as a Hip-Hop creative featuring Wale and DJ Drama on her upcoming project. Recognized by an edgy mix of flavors, Talia has emerged as a "musical stylist", while her high impact and genre breaking music leads a phenomenon she has affectionately coined as "Swagg Rock". As Founder and Co-President of the aptly named music content company Couture Music, a joint-collaborative with Jojo Brim, entertainment executive of KWL Enterprises under Kevin Liles, Talia delivers culturally dynamic music with high fashion nuances as the label's premiere artist.

    Talia's creative collaborations with industry legends such as Teddy Riley and LL Cool J, gained her early access into the music industry. These relationships among others, helped her toward a colorful discography featuring international projects and super hits with top producers. Talia's boutique songwriting approach is highly visible in a diverse portfolio of music by a roster of accomplished artists including Trey Songz, Musiq Soulchild, and Polish superstar Tatiana Okpukni. She was recently featured on an episode of Burn Notice (USA Networks), and credited on both Tyler Perry's movie soundtracks, Why Did I Get Married and Meet The Browns, which extended her creative versatility in film and television.

    Driven by the growing momentum of her success in the fashion industry, Talia sits among fashion's elite "front row". As owner of Cisum Couture, she has led the style direction of Trey Songz (Ebony Magazine, Chapter V Album), and J. Cole, including custom pieces. Talia has also styled T.I., Young Jeezy, DJ Drama, CJ Hilton, and Chrissy Lampkin (Vibe Magazine). Under her direction, Trey Songz attracted the attention of People Magazine as Most Stylish Men of 2011.