1. Chrissy LampkinChrissy Lampkin

    Photo credit: Stefan Springman/ NFG

    Christine "Chrissy" Lampkin was born in Harlem to African American and Cuban parents. Separated from her parents and raised by her grandmother, she developed a keen sense of self preservation and used her bright young mind to learn the ins and outs...  Read More

  2. Fortitude, ambition and creative business tactics are at the forefront of Jim Jones' career. The enigmatic Diplomat CEO and entrepreneur spent the past decade designing an empire that will solidify his place in Hip Hop history and beyond. After...  Read More

  3. Nancy "Mama" JonesNancy "Mama" Jones

    Photo credit: Stefan Springman/ NFG

    Nancy "Mama" Jones is a mother, businesswoman, youth advocate and mentor. Anyone who meets Nancy "Mama" Jones immediately recognizes that she is an unapologetic optimist and a woman whose passion for her family and success is stamped on every page...  Read More

  4. Born in NYC, but raised in Virginia, Emily always knew fashion was her calling. From the time she was a young woman, she was determined to make it her career. Emily became a mother very early in her life. Yet, unlike many teen mothers, instead of...  Read More

  5. Talia Coles Talia Coles

    Photo credit: Stefan Springman/ NFG

    Talia Coles commanded the next decade in music with the energetic phenomenon "Wish I Never See You Again". The hit that positioned her in the musical spotlight and earned her a seat on Billboard's Dance Music Top 20 will be introduced in October...  Read More