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  1.   Confessions of a Teen Idol: Episode 2 Show Clips

    The group hears the honest truth about their looks and then get makeovers!

    Air Date: 1/12/09

Full Episode Summary

This week, the Teen Idols are judged by a focus group of women. The women have no idea that the former idols are watching from behind two-way glass, so their comments are brutally honest. Some teen idols fare better than others, but they all learn valuable information that can help them make a comeback. In group therapy with Cooper Lawrence, the guys discuss the focus group's harsh comments, further exploring their love-hate relationship with fame. Then, celebrity stylist Jen Rade, AKA The Wicked Witch of Wardrobe, shows up to help the guys respond to the focus groups comments with a head-to-toe makeover. As a reward for all their hard work, a celebrity photographer takes publicity photos of each guy, giving them one more important tool they will need for their comebacks.