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  1.   Confessions Of A Teen Idol | Episode 106 | Full Episode

    Will Eric return after last week's dramatic exit? Check out the full episode!

    Air Date: 2/10/09

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    Air Date: 2/08/09

Full Episode Summary

For their sixth week in the house, the idols pitch themselves to a panel of industry gatekeepers -- casting directors, producers, and entertainment executives -- who have the power to make or break their careers. After the pitch, the guys get the rare opportunity to listen to the gatekeepers' comments behind a two-way mirror. A couple of the guys nail the pitch, but most are left reeling from the gatekeepers' feedback. During their therapy session with Cooper Lawrence, they discuss their reactions to the gatekeeper meeting, and one of them becomes unhinged. The next day, the former stars meet with A-list image consultant, Marki Costello, who teaches the guys how to land the big roles in Hollywood. Armed with Marki's lessons, the guys get a second shot at the gatekeepers, and this time, all but one of the Idols are met with success.