• Dr. Jenn MannHost
    Dr. Jenn Mann

    Dr. Jenn Mann (formerly Dr. Jenn Berman), a well-known marriage and family therapist, author, speaker, and radio host, will be the relationship therapist for the couples for her sixth consecutive season of VH1's Couples Therapy With Dr. Jenn.

    Dr. Jenn is the host of the popular call-in advice program The Dr. Jenn Show on Sirius XM which is heard nightly. She is the author of three bestselling books: SuperBaby: 12 Ways To Give Your Child A Head Start In The First 3 Years, The A To Z Guide To Raising Happy Confident Kids and Rockin' Babies, and she has a new book about relationships on the way.

    People come to see Dr. Jenn in her private practice for a variety of reasons such as: relationship issues, parenting, eating disorders, substance abuse, depression, anxiety, self-esteem, trauma, and sexual abuse. She also works with performers and entertainment professionals dealing with creativity and performance issues. Dr. Jenn also created the popular weight loss app "No More Diets" which is currently available on iPhone & iPad.

  • Dr. Mike DowExpert
    Dr. Mike Dow

    As Dr. Jenn's right-hand man, Dr. Mike Dow is a psychotherapist, author, and relationship expert. He appears regularly on The Dr. Oz Show, The Doctors, and Today. Dr. Mike is the author of The Brain Fog Fix and host of Hay House Radio's Dr. Mike Show.

  • Sarah Michael Novia, LPCCExpert
    Sarah Michael Novia, LPCC

    Sarah Michael Novia, LPCC, the Residential Treatment Counselor at the Couples Center, began her private psychotherapy practice in New Canaan, CT and then relocated it to Los Angeles, CA.

    Sarah specializes in treating anxiety, depression, trauma, and grief. She has extensive experience in the dual-diagnosis hospital setting and a long history of helping clients work through relationship issues, including many actors, writers, musicians, and athletes.

    She often appears as a behavioral/psychological expert for television/talk/radio shows and she hosts her own dry dating advice podcast, One Date At A Time.

  • Keisha Downey, Ed.DExpert
    Keisha Downey, Ed.D

    Keisha Downey, Ed.D, a residential treatment counselor at the Couples Center, has a private practice in Beverly Hills, CA, where she specializes in working with adults, couples, families, and teenagers. She has her Doctorate in Counseling Psychology and has years of experience helping individuals struggling with depression, anxiety, substance abuse, parent-child relationships, crisis intervention, just to name a few.

  • Gabrielle Moore, M.A.Expert
    Gabrielle Moore, M.A.

    Gabrielle Moore, M.A., is currently finishing her Doctorate in Couple & Family Therapy, and has spent her time as an intern practicing at a nonprofit agency in Los Angeles, CA. She focuses on treating a wide variety of couples and couple issues, as well helping individuals address their problematic romantic and interpersonal relationships.

  • Janice Dickinson + Dr. Robert "Rocky" GernerCast Member
    Janice Dickinson + Dr. Robert "Rocky" Gerner

    Season 6

    Supermodel and TV personality Janice Dickinson was set up on a blind date with neuro-psychiatrist Rocky Gerner three years ago by Rocky's son. The couple fell in love quickly and moved in together, but when they decided to get married an issue of a prenuptial agreement came up. A hopeless romantic, Janice believes prenups are not romantic while Rocky believes they are necessary for their children.

    With their upcoming marriage in question, the couple is entering therapy to work through this and other deep-seeded issues of trust with the hope that they can move forward with their future.

  • Angela "Big Ang" Raiola + Neil MurphyCast Member
    Angela "Big Ang" Raiola + Neil Murphy

    Season 6

    Celebrated tough girl "Big Ang" from VH1's hit show Mob Wives met her husband Neil at Angela's bar, and were married a year later. They've been together for seven years, blending their families to create a life together.

    Big Ang and Neil's troubles began a couple of years ago with the construction of a house that brought out deep-seeded financial problems as well as issues of trust. On top of that, Angela was recently diagnosed with throat cancer making matters much worse. On the brink of divorce, the couple is entering therapy to try to save their marriage.

  • Joe Budden + Kaylin GarciaCast Member
    Joe Budden + Kaylin Garcia

    Season 6

    Musician and rapper Joe Budden met Kaylin Garcia three years ago at a pool party and the couple quickly became inseparable. Their relationship hit speed bumps when Joe started shooting VH1's hit show Love & Hip Hop with his ex-girlfriend Tahiry Jose.

    During the course of shooting Joe began to think he was still in love with Tahiry and left Kaylin to propose to Tahiry on national television. When Tahiry rejected his proposal, Joe and Kaylin got back together but their relationship has never been the same since. Kaylin hasn't been able to get over what happened, and as a result, the couple is entering therapy to see if they can salvage anything from their past love affair or if it is time to move on.

  • Carmen Carrera + Adrian TorresCast Member
    Carmen Carrera + Adrian Torres

    Season 6

    Model and actress Carmen Carrera and her husband Adrian Torres have been married for 8 years but issues of infidelity separated them two years ago after both Carmen and Adrian were unfaithful.

    Although they no longer live together, the couple acknowledges that they are still in love, and want to make their relationship work. Carmen and Adrian are entering therapy to try and save their marriage with the hopes of regaining trust and moving back in together.

  • Scott Stapp + Jaclyn StappCast Member
    Scott Stapp + Jaclyn Stapp

    Season 6

    Scott Stapp, lead singer of the Grammy winning band Creed and his wife Jaclyn Stapp are deeply in love but for the last decade Scott has struggled with addiction and depression while Jaclyn has spent the last nine years helping Scott maintain his sobriety. After a devastating relapse in 2014, Jaclyn was at her wits end and filed for divorce. However, with the help of a dual diagnosis treatment center, the couple soon discovered that Scott's addiction problems were coupled with an untreated bipolar disorder.

    With new insight into Scott's troubles, Scott and Jaclyn are now dedicated to saving their relationship. They are entering Couples Therapy to figure out how to leave the past behind and emerge from chaos with a fresh start.

  • Juan Pablo Galavis + Nikki FerrellCast Member
    Juan Pablo Galavis + Nikki Ferrell

    Season 5

    Juan Pablo Galavis and Nikki Ferrell met on Season 18 of ABC’s hit reality series The Bachelor, and for Nikki, it was love at first sight, but for Juan Pablo, it was like at first sight.

    On the season finale, when The Bachelor is usually supposed to propose and profess his love, he did neither, and merely told Nikki that he “Liked [her] a lot.” They did, however continue their relationship, but under tons of media scrutiny because of how he treated her on the finale, which has caused a lot of strain on their relationship.

    Nikki and Juan Pablo are at Couples Therapy to see if they can work towards building a future together, and maybe Nikki will even hear those 3 little words she has been waiting for.

  • Jenna Jameson + John WoodCast Member
    Jenna Jameson + John Wood

    Season 5

    Jenna Jameson, one of the most famous female porn stars of all time, and John Wood’s love bloomed from unusual circumstances: they began dating after they found out their ex’s were dating. Once Jenna and John found out their exes were dating, they were devastated, and took solace in each other.

    As they spent more time with each other, they realized they were falling in love with one another. Now that Jenna and John are in a relationship, things are coming out of the woodwork, like Jenna’s aggressive and controlling nature, so they are coming into therapy to make sure they are making the right decision in moving forward in their relationship.

  • Deena Cortese + Chris BucknerCast Member
    Deena Cortese + Chris Buckner

    Season 5

    Deena Cortese from Jersey Shore has spent years in the spotlight as a party girl, but she has since settled down with her boyfriend Chris. This couple truly loves each other, so they want to take their relationship to the next level and move in together.

    However, there are a few things standing in their way, including their conflicting views on where they see their relationship going: she is ready for kids and marriage, and Chris is not. Also, Chris is far from the money maker in the relationship, which is causing strain for both parties.

    Chris wants to be the provider, but isn’t trying to find a better job, and Deena is ready for Chris to “be the man” in the relationship and step out of the box so they can build a future together.

  • Treach Criss + Cicely EvansCast Member
    Treach Criss + Cicely Evans

    Season 5

    Treach and Cicely have been together for seven years, and have two children together, but when it comes to trust in their relationship, there is none. Treach is the famous lead singer of the rap group, Naughty By Nature, and with the rapper lifestyle comes temptation. Cicely is positive he has cheated on her, and continues to bring it up with Treach, who completely denies ever stepping out on their relationship.

    Treach is now at a breaking point over hearing the same accusations for years, and Cicely needs to know how to move forward with someone she can’t trust. So they are coming into therapy to save their shattered relationship, for themselves, and for their children.

  • 'Evel' Dick Donato + Stephanie FisherCast Member
    'Evel' Dick Donato + Stephanie Fisher

    Season 5

    'Evel' Dick Donato was the winner of Season 8’s Big Brother, and proclaims himself as one of the biggest douchbags in reality television. He took that hard hitting demeanor into his relationship with Stephanie, making their union doomed from the start.

    The things Stephanie loved about him when they met, his free spirit, his wit, and his truthful nature, started to really bother her as their relationship went on. And Evel started to resent Stephanie when she kept trying to change him. Their love for one another is deep, and even though they have since broken up, they are coming into Couples Therapy to see if they can reunite and make their relationship work.

  • Farrah AbrahamCast Member
    Farrah Abraham

    Season 4

    Farrah's dramatic life has played out on television starting with MTV's 16 and Pregnant, continuing with Teen Mom, and most recently with an allegedly leaked, highly publicized sex tape. She's had a history of abandonment in her life and the pattern continues as she arrives at Couples Therapy heartbroken and alone.

  • Jon Gosselin + Liz JannettaCast Member
    Jon Gosselin + Liz Jannetta

    Season 4

    Jon is best known for his tumultuous marriage and divorce on TLC's Jon & Kate Plus 8. Although Jon has been dealing with extensive litigation and struggles with supporting his eight children, he's found new love with his girlfriend of two years, Liz.

    They enter Couples Therapy to move on from both of their past marriages, and address their lingering issues of trust, finances, and the personal insecurities.

  • Ghostface Killah + Kelsey NykoleCast Member
    Ghostface Killah + Kelsey Nykole

    Season 4

    A key member of Wu Tang Clan and now a prolific solo artist, Ghostface has been living the life of a rap star for decades.

    Now in his early forties, Ghostface is looking to settle down with the right woman, but he's not sure that Kelsey, an R&B singer he's been dating for a year, is the right woman for him. They come to Couples Therapy to figure out if this is the real deal, or just another notch on Ghost's belt.

  • Taylor Armstrong + John BluherCast Member
    Taylor Armstrong + John Bluher

    Season 4

    After the very public divorce of Taylor Armstrong's marriage on The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills and her husband's subsequent suicide, Taylor thinks she has found new love with her fiancé, attorney John Bluher. But the two come to Couples Therapy to process Taylor's incredibly dark, traumatic past in hopes of ensuring that their marriage will have a bright future.

  • Whitney Mixter + Sada BettencourtCast Member
    Whitney Mixter + Sada Bettencourt

    Season 4

    After their passionate and oftentimes stormy relationship on Showtime's The Real L Word, Whitney Mixter and Sada Bettencourt's turbulent love affair turned into true love, and they got married in its final season. But the honeymoon is over for these wives, as their jealousy, anger, and resentment has taken over their relationship.

  • Flavor Flav + Liz TrujilloCast Member
    Flavor Flav + Liz Trujillo

    Season 3

    Flavor Flav, the notorious hype man for 80's rap group Public Enemy and reality star, has been with his live in girlfriend Liz for nine years and they share a young child together. They're entering Couples Therapy to save their troubled relationship, which is wrought with problems including trust, financial issues, and an alleged domestic violence incident.

  • Catelynn Lowell + Tyler BaltierraCast Member
    Catelynn Lowell + Tyler Baltierra

    Season 3

    Tyler and his fiancée Catelynn are best known for being the only couple on MTV's 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom to put their child up for adoption. Although they struggled with trust issues on those shows, they became America's sweethearts and appeared to have an almost perfect relationship.

    They're entering Couples Therapy to show the world that their relationship is far from perfect. In fact, over the course of their therapy Dr. Jenn will discover that their issues are so serious they threaten to derail their wedding plans for later this year.

  • Chingy Bailey + Temple PoteatCast Member
    Chingy Bailey + Temple Poteat

    Season 3

    Chingy is a platinum selling rap artist most famous for his hit single "Right Thurr". He's been in a long distance relationship with model/actress Temple for five years, and their relationship is at a major crossroads. Chingy is finally moving to the same city as Temple, but he's refusing to move in with her and it's driving her crazy! Temple has major trust issues with Chingy due not only to his rapper lifestyle, but also because he had a child with another women during one of their "breaks".

  • Joe Francis + Abbey WilsonCast Member
    Joe Francis + Abbey Wilson

    Season 3

    Joe Francis is the founder of the wildly successful and controversial Girls Gone Wild brand. He's been in a tumultuous on and off relationship with his live in girlfriend, model Abbey Wilson, for four years. Joe and Abbey believe they're entering Couples Therapy to confront their one major issue, Abbey's eating disorder, but as therapy progresses Dr. Jenn discovers that there are many more issues plaguing their troubled relationship.

  • Heather Marter + Dustin ZitoCast Member
    Heather Marter + Dustin Zito

    Season 3

    Dustin and Heather fell in love on MTV's Real World Las Vegas and continued their relationship on The Challenge: Battle Of The Exes. After exiting that show they moved in together, but they currently are struggling with some major issues including commitment, and Dustin's history in the gay porn film industry.

  • Courtney Stodden + Doug HutchisonCast Member
    Courtney Stodden + Doug Hutchison

    Season 2

    When fifty-one-year-old actor Doug Hutchison married sixteen-year-old Courtney Stodden in 2011, the media and public in general were very critical of their thirty-five year age gap and the fact that Courtney was still a minor. The day after their wedding they became instant tabloid celebrities, but rather than shy away from all the negative media attention, Courtney released several bizarre internet videos and began to appear in public wearing very little clothing.

    Today, all the media attention is taking a toll on their troubled marriage, so Courtney and Doug are seeking help from Dr. Jenn and her staff.

  • Nik Richie + Shayne LamasCast Member
    Nik Richie + Shayne Lamas

    Season 2

    Shayne Lamas, most known for being actor Lorenzo Lamas's daughter and for winning the twelfth season of The Bachelor, and Nik Richie, creator of the popular tabloid website "TheDirty", married each other in Las Vegas only eight hours after they met. They had no idea who one another was until the tabloids broke the story the next morning, and Shayne was appalled to discover that she married the man behind "TheDirty", a website she considers offensive to women. Nik's website caused tension in their marriage, but for the first year their relationship was passionate, spontaneous, and adventurous. Their honeymoon came to an abrupt end when Shayne became pregnant with their daughter a little more than a year after they wed.

    Today, the stress of Nik's website, Shayne's out of control spending habits, and the challenges of being parents is destroying their marriage.

  • Joel "JoJo" + Tashaunda "Tiny" HaileyCast Member
    Joel "JoJo" + Tashaunda "Tiny" Hailey

    Season 2

    JoJo is a popular R&B singer from the groups Jodeci and K-Ci & JoJo, whose most popular song; "All My Life" topped the charts in 1997. JoJo was living the fast life of a famous R&B singer indulging in money, women, and alcohol, until he met Tashaunda aka Tiny. Tiny caught his heart and they married, but today there are two major problems in their relationship; JoJo believes that Tiny "mothers him", but Tiny claims that JoJo needs someone to take care of him due to the other major issue in their marriage, JoJo's alcoholism.

    Many years of alcoholism has taken a toll on their marriage, but it has also taken a toll on JoJo's health. He has been hospitalized for alcohol related illnesses several times, and Tiny fears that if JoJo doesn't get sober soon, he could die and leave her a brokenhearted widow.

  • Todd "Too Short" Shaw + Monica PayneCast Member
    Todd "Too Short" Shaw + Monica Payne

    Season 2

    Rapper Too $hort has collaborated with the biggest names in the music industry and he's topped the charts with hit songs like 2006's Blow The Whistle. In 2005, he met Monica Payne and they fell in love. They dated exclusively for a while, and even though Too $hort wanted more, he was not willing to give up his partying lifestyle, so Monica ended their relationship. They have remained friends over the years, and both have always wondered what could have been.

    Today, Too $hort has invited Monica to Couples Therapy in hopes of getting a second chance at winning her heart, but she is still very hurt by their breakup, and unsure if she can ever trust him again.

  • Alex McCord + Simon van KempenCast Member
    Alex McCord + Simon van Kempen

    Season 2

    Alex and Simon were living a fairly normal life married with two children until everything changed when they were cast on the hit reality show The Real Housewives of New York in 2008. They were instantly propelled into the limelight, and airing all their dirty laundry on national television began to take a toll on their marriage. After four seasons, they were not invited back on the show, and ever since Alex and Simon have been trying to return to their normal lives, but it's been difficult for them to get their careers, and privacy, back.

    Today, they bicker constantly, say hurtful things to one another, and Alex has even threatened to file for a divorce. Alex and Simon love each other and their children dearly, and they're enrolling in Couples Therapy to repair their broken marriage before it's too late.

  • DMX + Tashera SimmonsCast Member
    DMX + Tashera Simmons

    Season 1

    Multi-platinum rapper and actor DMX and his childhood sweetheart, Tashera Simmons, have been married for fourteen years and have four children together. Although they still say they are best friends, their marriage has been on the rocks ever since DMX's rampant infidelity, resulting in more than a half a dozen children out of wedlock.

    Separated for more than six years, they are seeking couples treatment to see if they can mend their broken marriage or end it once and for all.

  • Linda Hogan + Charlie HillCast Member
    Linda Hogan + Charlie Hill

    Season 1

    52 year-old Linda Hogan is still recovering from her nasty and very public divorce from Hulk Hogan, but she's getting a lot of support from her 23 year-old boyfriend, Charlie Hill. The 29-year age difference between them is an unresolved issue that continues to plague their relationship.

    Linda and Charlie are entering the couples therapy program to see if their enormous age difference is an insurmountable obstacle, or if real love can truly conquer all.

  • Vienna Girardi + Kasey KahlCast Member
    Vienna Girardi + Kasey Kahl

    Season 1

    Vienna Girardi, the winner of The Bachelor from Season 14, and Kasey Kahl, a contender on Season 6 of The Bachelorette, both went looking for love on television, but both journeys ended in heartbreak. When they met one another it was love at first sight, but Kasey's fear of betrayal and Vienna's tumultuous relationship history destroyed their passionate romance.

    Today they've been broken up for several months but still claim to be very much in love and are hoping that couples treatment with Dr. Jenn will give their troubled relationship a second chance.

  • Angelina Pivarnick + Chris NirschelCast Member
    Angelina Pivarnick + Chris Nirschel

    Season 1

    Angelina Pivarnick, the fiery party girl made infamous from her antics on The Jersey Shore, has been dating Chris Nirschel, the chef whose bad-boy behavior got him voted off of Season 7 of The Next Food Network Star. Angelina has trust issues stemming from her painful past relationships, and they are only fueled by Chris' self-described "player" history.

    Although the couple has only been together for two months, they are already fighting constantly and are enrolling in this couples therapy program to see if Dr. Jenn can help them figure out why their honeymoon was over before it ever began.

  • Reichen Lhmkuhl + Rodiney SantiagoCast Member
    Reichen Lhmkuhl + Rodiney Santiago

    Season 1

    The relationship between Reichen Lehmkuhl, winner of Season 4 of The Amazing Race, and his ex-boyfriend, model Rodiney Santiago, has been on the rocks ever since they starred on the hit Logo show The A-List together. On the show, their trust in each other was torn apart after breaking up in front of millions of viewers.

    They are enrolling in couples therapy to give their relationship another shot, and as a gay couple in the public eye, they will also have to overcome stereotypes and the pressures of public opinion.