1. Dr. Jeff Gardere, better known as America's Psychologist, is one of the most widely sought-after experts in the field of mental health. In addition to having a private practice in Manhattan, he has garnered a reputation as being a top motivational...  Read More

  2. Donta (21) and Bri (23) 6 ½ months pregnant, together just over 1 year Bri and Donta met in a club about a year ago, and she is currently 6 ½ months pregnant. They were not using protection when they got pregnant. Bri and Donta have had a very...  Read More

  3. Elliott (22) and Tiffany (19) 6 months pregnant, together 7 months Tiffany and Elliott moved pretty fast. They met 7 months ago and Tiffany is already 6 months pregnant. They moved in with each other right away because they got pregnant only 3...  Read More

  4. Aaron (25) and Shell (21) 5 months pregnant, together 2 ½ years Aaron and Shell met 2 ½ years ago at a bar. Aaron had just gotten out of the military when he saw Shell across the bar, "snapped" his fingers to get her to come over to him, and got...  Read More

  5. Austin (21) and Candace (21) 7 ½ months pregnant, together 4 ½ years Austin and Candace met 4 ½ years ago. They just recently moved in together. Their pregnancy with baby girl Tatum was unplanned. Candace's birth control was making her "fat," so...  Read More

  6. Wes (27) and Cheryl (30) 5 months pregnant, together 7 months Wes and Cheryl met while working together only 6 months ago. They got pregnant 2 months into their relationship and have moved pretty fast ever since. When Cheryl told Wes she was...  Read More

  7. Brian (24) and Christina (25) 4 ½ months pregnant, dating for 6 months Brian and Christina have only known each other for 6 months. They are co-workers who casually hook-up from time to time, and they were definitely not planning on getting...  Read More