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  1. The Dad's talk about life after Dad Camp. Who has settled into fatherhood, and which couple just isn't working?...  Read Full Summary »


  2. One dad doesn't finish the program, the rest of the women make the ultimate decision as to whether or not their boyfriends will be a part of their babies lives....  Read Full Summary »


  3. Before the dads-to-be can complete Dr. Jeff's 30-day program, they need to take action on the unresolved issues they've left behind at home....  Read Full Summary »


About Dad Camp

  1. VH1 DAD CAMP is a docureality show that attempts to transform 6 irresponsible soon-to-be dads into respectable fathers.

    Each couple at VH1 DAD CAMP has a major dilemma: she's pregnant... but he's not ready or willing to accept the duties of fatherhood. Dealing with guys who drink, smoke, and don't have jobs (but do have anger issues), VH1 Dad Camp takes on one of our nations greatest concerns. In June 2009, father of two Barack Obama issued a call to the nation's dads to "step up" and take responsibility...VH1, 3 Ball Productions, and Dr. Jeff Gardere have answered the call..

    Dr. Jeff Gardere, Ph.D. is a licensed clinical psychologist, famed relationship expert, and a hard-core therapist who accepts no less than the truth. Over the course of 8 intense episodes, Dr. Jeff will guide these unprepared boys - and their very pregnant girlfriends - through transformational group therapy, activities, and private consultations to get them ready for fatherhood. Dr. Jeff challenges these would be deadbeat dads to man-up to their responsibility and prepare for their future and, more importantly, the future of their unborn child. The men can choose to leave at anytime. But ultimately, it will be the pregnant women -- not Dr. Jeff -- who will decide if these expecting fathers are fit to raise their children.

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