Daisy of Love

about Daisy of Love

Everybody knows her and loves her from "Rock of Love Season 2". By popular demand, Daisy De La Hoya is back and this time staring in her own show, "Daisy of Love".

Daisy is a knockout who has it all: Beauty, talent, fame, and a whole bunch of tattoos. When Bret Michaels handed out the final pass to Amber at the end of Rock of Love 2, he left Daisy all alone and brokenhearted. Her dreams of being a rock star's girlfriend and Bret's 'Rock of Love' were crushed.

A determined-to-survive Daisy moved on. She strapped on her guitar, packed all of her belongings and moved to Hollywood where she started pursuing her dream of becoming a Rock and Roll Super Star. But she was still missing the one thing she longed for: Love.

Now VH1 and 51 Minds Entertainment are giving Daisy a fairy tale come true and the chance to find a Rocking Prince Charming in her new series. But she won't go at this alone. Former Charm School Dean, Riki Rachtman, will be her rock savvy guide throughout this journey. He will be her confidante, shoulder to cry on, and counselor to guide her when she is blinded by love.

And love is hopefully what she will find as she will have 18 hot, rockin' dudes to choose from. These guys are from all walks of life -- garage band members, meatheads, and even blonde-haired, Swedish triplets that looked like they just walked out of an 80's music video. Daisy will allow them all to move into a Hollywood Mansion and fight for her love. She will carefully weed them out one by one, and hopefully find the man ready to be her new Rock Star Boyfriend.

Do they love her or love her not?