1. De La Hoya has been one of the biggest names in the boxing and entertainment worlds for nearly two decades but now there is another De La Hoya ready to step in the entertainment ring and stake her claim. Daisy De La Hoya readies for action as she prepares to break through the "Poptart" mold and become a true fan sensation in every sense of the word.

    Daisy De La Hoya, originally from Denver, CO has made a huge name for herself as the breakout star of VH1's highest rated reality show "Rock Of Love 2" with 80's Hair-Band Legend Bret Michaels. Each week as she competed for Bret's love, viewers were able to see that Daisy was more than just a pretty face, one that will be hanging around long after her "tour" ended" with Bret.

    Daisy got her start in the studio in the summer of 2003 recording bass and backing vocals for Seraphim Shock's highly acclaimed full length album "Halloween Sex N Vegas". She then exploded onto the national scene in the spring of 04' as the bassist for the band's "Halloween Sex N Vegas" tours. Her "Take No Prisoners" playing style, catchy vocals, stunning good looks and killer live performances made her an instant favorite with SS fans all over. Daisy's growing popularity can be seen via sites from coast to coast and in select German/European magazines. Currently, Daisy is working on her highly anticipated solo project as well as a very promising acting/modeling career.

    Though Bret would eventually choose the older, more demure Amber, the tour of the entertainment world has just begun for the sexy tattooed goddess named Daisy! She has become one of the most requested names at this for club appearances across the country. Traveling and meeting all of her fans is like a dream come true!

    Millions tuned in to see Rock Of Love 2 runner-up Daisy De La Hoya get her all-access pass to Bret Michaels' heart denied. Now after being jilted by her supposed Rock of Love, Daisy, is determined to find her one man who will rock her world. Daisy is on a quest for true love and this time she is giving her fans the chance to vie for her love and vote to help determine which contestant makes the cut for VH1's Daisy of Love!

    ANYWHERE." -- Daisy De La Hoya

    Daisy of Love: Daisy's Greatest Video Moments

  2. Aric "Cage" is 25 and lives in Hollywood, California. He's a cage fighter who started doing martial arts when he was 5 years old, and claims he used to be a part of a gang where they paid him to pick fights with other people. He got cheated on by his last girlfriend, and now believes that Daisy is the solution to all his problems.

  3. Branden "Chi Chi", 29, grew up in Villapark, Illinois. The DJ and musician says that he has learned hospitality and addresses everyone "yes, Ma'am" or "yes, Sir." As a musician he can play the drums, bass, guitar, and sing. Branden says that his last relationship failed because he was neither Greek nor rich, nor a business owner. He says that he was homeless and addicted to drugs as a teenager, and that he has three brothers that he never met until a couple years ago.

  4. Brandon "Professor" is 22 and comes from Canyon, Texas. A student and musician, he says he got a football scholarship to West Texas A&M University. Brandon says that what makes him unique in his town is the fact that he's into rock rather than country. He is currently going to school to become a teacher, and admits he sometimes hides his tattoos when he is teaching.

  5. Chris "6 Gauge" is a 29 year-old singer/DJ/bartender from Palestine, Texas. He has a Prince Albert piercing, and says he once urinated without his piercing in and sprayed all over himself and the guy next to him. Chris claims he is a handful when it comes to dating, because his band always comes first and he knows too many women. He DJs at a strip club and until recently danced at two male "entertainment clubs."

  6. Christopher "Brooklyn" is 23 and hails from Brooklyn, New York. He does nightclub promotions for a living and resides in the basement apartment of his mother's house. He says that he is intimidated by the parents of girls that he dates. Christopher claims his last relationship failed because his girlfriend got pregnant by another man. He has four dogs and admits that he likes to taste dog food.

  7. Daniel "Fox" is 29 and comes from San Mateo, California. He's a hair stylist and says he loves "plastic, fake, slutty women." He's a high school dropout who is part Spanish, part German, and part Filipino, and says he is very comfortable in front of the camera.

  8. Dave "12 Pack" is 26 and hails from Wykoff, New Jersey. He works as a financial analyst. He met Daisy on the set of "I Love Money" and claims they had an instant connection. He says he prefers girls with "fake" body parts, and claims that he is completely ready to fall in love and be in a real relationship.

  9. Derrick Tribbett "Sinister" is a 24 year-old musician from Jacksonville, FL. He claims that while partying at a sorority house he was pissed on by twins. Derrick says he loves that Daisy is close to his height. He claims he was signed by Geffen records out of high school and started touring with his band at age 18. Says he considers himself "only part scumbag."

  10. Izzy, Rock, and Kelli are triplets from Sweden. Daisy's nicknamed them '84,'85, '86 for their retro-glam looks. The triplets say they are into "slender rock girls with leopard print panties." When it comes to relationships they don't date, but girls date them. Izzy says the most romantic thing he has ever done with a woman is have sex with her on his "sex chair."

  11. Jeremiah "Big Rig" hails from Vicksburg, Michigan, and is a UFC fighter and a farmer. He's 25 years old and was once an army ranger. He says the worst thing he's ever done to a woman is spit in her face. Jeremiah is tired of dating girls that are either too good for him, or not good enough.

  12. Joshua "London" is a 30 year-old musician from Maryland. He moved to NYC to make it in the music business and is now a singer. He's an "attention whore" and loves to be the leader all the time. He admits that girls' fathers intimidate him because "they know what I want to do with their daughters." When it comes to relationships he gets bored, so he wants to be challenged by a girl.

  13. Kenn "Torch," is a 36 year-old from Canada who works as a musician. He says that growing up he lived all over the world -- in France, England, Africa, and Thailand. He claims that he was nominated for four Grammys this year. Kenn has decorated his new loft with diamond plate walls, mirrors on the ceilings, and two stripper poles. He practices a type of Japanese spiritual healing called Reiki, which he learned from his mother.

  14. Miguel "Tool Box" is 29 years-old and comes from Odessa, Texas. He works as an "entertainer," more specifically, a male exotic dancer in Las Vegas. He claims he once made a sex tape on an airplane, and that he "parties all night, sleeps all day."

  15. Mike "Flipper" is 22 and lives in Clarksburg, New Jersey. His occupation is listed as "filmmaker and stunt man." He says his personality changes with his mood and that he is happy most of the time. Mike is interested in Asian girls, white girls, and MILFs who "look exotic," and claims that he has never had a girlfriend, but hooks up with 10‐15 girls a month. He once broke his foot while going to answer his cell phone. The most romantic thing he has done for a woman is buy her rims for her car.

  16. Thirty-six year-old Pauly "Weasel" is a mechanical engineer from Bayville, NJ. His friends would say one of his bad qualities is that he parties TOO much. Claims he once went jet‐skiing in a red thong, and that the worst thing he has ever done to a woman is "film her on tape." He wants to date Daisy because he believes she is "the sexiest and most awesome woman" he has ever seen on TV.

  17. Randall (Cable Guy)Randall (Cable Guy)

    Randall "Cable Guy" is 32 years old and comes from Las Vegas, Nevada. He is the lead singer of a rap/funk/rock group and also DJ's. Randall claims romance is not his strong suit. He once made a sex tape with an ex-girlfriend and showed it to all his friends.

  18. TJ "Flex" is from Ingleside, Illinois. The 22 year-old gym manager claims to have ADHD. He says that his mom left when he was 3 years old. TJ believes that women are impressed with his "package."

  19. Tristan "Dropout" is 22 and lives in Los Angeles, CA. He Lives with his parents, brothers, and 8 dogs. Tristan plays bass guitar in a rock band and says he likes all types of women, "young and old." He claims he fell on his face and broke his nose on his 22nd birthday. Tristan says he has had a porn star sleep over .... at his parents' house, and that his last relationship failed because he and his ex both had DUIs and couldn't drive to see each other.