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  1.   Episode 3 Bonus Clips

    Check out more lap dances, wrestling and bromances you didn't see on TV!

    Air Date: 5/10/09

  2.   True Bromance Show Clips

    Daisy is looking for a man who can protect her. Watch as the guys go up against sharpshooters!

    Air Date: 5/10/09

  3.   As Heard on VH1: Morningwood "The Best of Me"

    Morningwood's "The Best of Me" is the theme song on VH1's 'Daisy of Love' show.

    Air Date: 7/22/09

Full Episode Summary

Daisy needs a man who can protect her from the dangers that rock star life can entail, so she sends her twelve contenders into an obstacle course riddled with paintball sharpshooters. Later, after a night hanging at an L.A. hotspot, Daisy learns some of the guys are hiding secrets that will lead to the most explosive elimination yet.