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  1.   Episode 7 Bonus Clips

    Check out Hillbilly Bret Michaels and find out what "fulfillfull" means in these hilarious bonus clips!

    Air Date: 6/14/09

  2.   Call's Fair in Love and War Show Clips

    There are big surprises in Daisy's house! Find out who's been lying in this crazy show clips!

    Air Date: 6/14/09

  3.   As Heard on VH1: Morningwood "The Best of Me"

    Morningwood's "The Best of Me" is the theme song on VH1's 'Daisy of Love' show.

    Air Date: 7/22/09

Full Episode Summary

When one of the guys is suspected of having a live-in girlfriend back home, an alliance is formed and a plan is set in motion. Tempers flare forcing Daisy to make some hard decisions about the accused.