• Tichina ArnoldCast Member
    Tichina Arnold

    Tichina Arnold stars as Mo Evans

    Shes an ambitious and driven co-host on the Lunch Hour. She's a stand-up comic with no edit button which gets her into trouble with Maxine, the show's creator and lead host. Mo owns her sexuality and she apologizes to no one.

  • Chloe BridgesCast Member
    Chloe Bridges

    Chloe Bridges stars as Kibby Ainsley

    A former child star and out pansexual, she is smart and is trying to turn her life around after rehab. She has a troubled relationship with her own mother, so she sees Maxine as a mother figure and mentor.

  • McKinley FreemanCast Member
    McKinley Freeman

    McKinley Freeman stars as Shawn Robinson

    Shawn is the sexy, charming, hard-working, professional, resourceful, charismatic, day-to-day producer of The Lunch Hour and Maxine's son. His responsibilities go beyond keeping the show running, they also include keeping the ladies off of each other's throats and massaging their very large yet fragile egos. But sometimes the co-hosts personalities prove too much for one man to handle, and he explodes.

  • Camille GuatyCast Member
    Camille Guaty

    Camille Guaty stars as Nina Sandoval

    Nina is a professional, successful, former war correspondent and confident, co-host of The Lunch Hour. Like her co-hosts, Nina is a gem on camera but will stand up for herself backstage even if it means fighting with the women she works with. While the show is in turmoil, Nina is currently figuring out the best way to hide a secret from her future-congressman husband.

  • Fiona GubelmannCast Member
    Fiona Gubelmann

    Fiona Gubelmann stars as Heather Flynn-Kellogg

    Heather is a former-beauty queen and self-proclaimed spiritual guide of The Lunch Hour. Heather is a modest and driven co-host of a highly popular daytime talk show. Though she claims to be the forgiving one, she'll occasionally hold her moral superiority over someone's head if it means getting a leg up.

  • Vanessa WilliamsCast Member
    Vanessa Williams

    Vanessa Williams stars as veteran broadcast journalist Maxine Robinson

    Maxine is The Lunch Hour's creator and host.
    She is a formidable, powerful and decisive woman who fears she's being put out to pasture.