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About Don't Forget The Lyrics

  1. This fall, one of the most successful music game shows in Television History returns in syndication with all new episodes.

    This faster paced, half-hour version of Don't Forget The Lyrics! will have all the thrills and excitement that made the original a worldwide mega-hit. Plus, there will be some exciting new additions, starting with the perfect host... multi-platinum recording Superstar from "Sugar Ray" and the long-time host of TV's Extra, Mark McGrath.

    Don't Forget The Lyrics! puts ordinary people center stage to win a fortune, just by knowing the lyrics to five of the biggest hit songs ever recorded.
    These are songs everyone knows and loves. The question is, how well will they remember the words when the stakes are high and the pressure is on? Selecting their songs from several categories including different genres, decades, and musical artists, our contestants live out the ultimate rock-star fantasy as they step into the spotlight to sing along as the lyrics are projected on a giant screen. Suddenly, the music stops and the words disappear. Will our contestant belt out the correct missing lyric? Or will they freeze under the pressure of the bright lights and studio audience?

    Each song they sing correctly wins them bigger money, and, when they get to the end, they have a chance to multiply their winnings and try for a fortune by going for one final "Encore!" song.

    "Don't Forget The Lyrics" will also be loaded with special celebrity contestants, from American Idols to multiple Grammy winners, as well as several outrageous and emotional special event themed shows.

    So sit back, turn up the volume, and get ready to sing along to the biggest hit songs of all time! But, if you want to be successful in this game, there is one thing you have to remember... Don't Forget The Lyrics!

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  3. VH1 has been on the road on a mobile tour across the eastern US this summer, with the "Don't Forget the Lyrics! Challenge". The next stop is at Harrah's Resort Atlantic City on September 18th-19th. Check it out!


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