Eddie Griffin: Going For Broke

about Eddie Griffin: Going For Broke

From his sitcom Malcolm & Eddie to his hit movies like Undercover Brother to his sold out stand-up tours, comedian Eddie Griffin is a major player in the comedy game.

He's also one of the hardest working men in comedy... and he better be. He has eight children, five exes, and an entourage of family and friends who make his life complete. Problem is they are also bleeding him dry. As hard as he works, doing movies, and hitting the road to do stand-up, he struggles to earn enough money to cover his monster monthly nut. No matter how much he makes, he manages to spend more. To quote Eddie himself, "I ain't never seen a Brink's truck pull up to a funeral... you CAN'T take it with you!"

At the core of his problem, Eddie also got a big heart and can't make the painful choices necessary to bring himself out of his financial nose dive. He needs to trim the fat and take care of himself for a change.

Enter Doris, Eddie's mom, who's just the person to give him a swift kick in the rear and a big dose of tough love. She's moving in with Eddie to be the "strong woman" in his life and set him straight. Doris worries about Eddie, who had a heart attack one the set of Malcolm & Eddie that almost killed him. She thinks he drinks too much, smokes too much, and needs to settle down and take care of himself. Will his mom tolerate the blow out parties and fast Hollywood life Eddie's used to? HELL NO. This is the woman who once tried to run him over with her car to make her point.

In addition to Eddie and Doris, Going For Broke also showcases the rest of Eddie's lovable family, like 70 year old Uncle Curtis (who is an amateur porn star, looking to turn pro), Eddie Junior an aspiring singer whose studio costs are staggering, and JC, the gargantuan ex-NFL pro turned boxer who Eddie hopes to take to the top. Of course, all of them are bleeding Eddie dry as he works himself to death, trying to help them realize their own dreams.

At the heart of the series is always Eddie's struggle to get his life under control and deal with the incredible pressure he puts on himself to support his whole family.