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  1.   Episode 5 Bonus Clips

    See interviews with Serch, YoYo, ego trip and the rest of the cast in these bonus scenes!

    Air Date: 5/19/08

  2.   Episode 5 Show Clips

    We know they can bust a rhyme but can these ladies work a video set? Find out!

    Air Date: 5/19/08

Full Episode Summary

Serch and Yo-Yo finally give the six ladies their props... just in time for the sea-themed music video challenge. But one of these rappers is determined to rock the boat... and her team's chances of winning. With more cameras pointed at the cast than usual, who will be blinded by the artificial light of glitz and fame? Tune in and find out which femcee must say "bon voyage" at elimination. P.S. Look for a cameo by teen rap sensation Soulja Boy.