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  1.   Episode 7 Bonus Clips

    Watch bonus scenes and interviews to get more of ego trip's Miss Rap Supreme!

    Air Date: 6/02/08

  2.   Episode 7 Show Clips

    The competition is down to the final four ladies. Check out what they're rappin' about this week!

    Air Date: 6/02/08

Full Episode Summary

The four surviving rappers continue on to their next impossible mission: bustin' caps and giving a specially selected audience a "peace" of their minds. As a prize, West Coast all-star WC drops by (and leaves a richer man). Just when the idea of forgive-and-forget starts to kick in amongst the women, old rivalries are rekindled and things once again get physical. Later, a mysterious (and possibly deranged) presence in the house rattles everyone to the core.

In the end, it's uncertain who will have the stamina it takes to be a big-time rap star.