1. Date: 6/9/08

    It's down to The Top three... but only one will reign as ego trip's Miss Rap Supreme. Female rap pioneer Dr. Roxanne Shante is in coach-mode when she provides some definitive advice to the...Read Full Summary

  2. Date: 6/2/08

    The four surviving rappers continue on to their next impossible mission: bustin' caps and giving a specially selected audience a "peace" of their minds. As a prize, West Coast...Read Full Summary

  3. Date: 5/26/08

    A big dream of our remaining five emcees gets fulfilled when they get to work with one of today's top hip-hop producers, Just Blaze.

  4. Date: 5/19/08

    Serch and Yo-Yo finally give the six ladies their props... just in time for the sea-themed music video challenge. But one of these rappers is determined to rock the boat...

  5. Date: 5/5/08

    The seven female rappers take it to the stage when guest director John Singleton stops by and gives the girls a few acting pointers.

  6. Date: 4/28/08

    Serch & Yo-Yo inform the eight rappers they must get in touch with their inner male swagger. A wild shopping spree leads to a very man-ic Pageant Time in which our hosts can't stop laughing.

  7. Date: 4/21/08

    The nine remaining rappers are in for a shock in the middle of the night that changes the dynamic inside The Fembassy. Watch!

  8. Date: 4/14/08

    Ten eager female rappers from across the country check into The Fembassy Hotel (conveniently located near Skid Row in downtown Los Angeles) with nothing except their skills, heart, and dreams.