1. Austin, Texas Austin, Texas

    Austin, Texas is the new frontier for young Americans because of its wealth of new business opportunities, Austin is also leading the nation in car sharing programs and encourages biking as a primary form of transportation.

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  2. Portland, Oregon Portland, Oregon

    Portland, Oregon has become the nation's leading destination for foodies and chefs. They encourage the production of local, farm fresh foods.

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  3. Greensburg, Kansas Greensburg, Kansas

    Since being devastated by a tornado in 2007, Greensburg, Kansas has become a model of sustainable living and in turn made green living appealing to all the residents.

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  4. Salt Lake City, Utah Salt Lake City, Utah

    Salt Lake City, Utah can stake claim to the highest volunteer rate in the country with over 880,000 residents dedicating 162 million hours of service.

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  5. Boston, Massachusetts Boston, Massachusetts

    Boston, Massachusetts is committed to transforming the lives of children through innovative teaching at welcoming schools.

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