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  1. Jessica Posner, 23 Jessica Posner, 23

    The Kibera School for Girls and Shining Hope Community Center Sad fact: 66% of girls in Kibera (the largest slum in Africa) trade sex for food as early as age six and only 8% of women in Kibera ever attend school. So Jessica co-founded Shining Hope for Communities to combat gender inequity and poverty in Kibera. Through the Kibera School for Girls, the first free school in Kibera, and the Shining Community Center, Jessica has helped over 5,700 residents gain education and employment.

    The Kibera School for Girls and Shining Hope Community Center »

  2. Micaela Connery, 23 Micaela Connery, 23

    Unified Theater Micaela grew up side-by-side with her cousin Kelsey. Inspired by Kelsey's physical and developmental disabilities, Michaela started Unified Theater, a high school theatrical program that features the talents of individuals with various developmental and physical abilities. Micaela currently runs 13 theater programs in three different states. Over 1,000 people have participated in her theater productions.

    Unified Theater »

  3. Jacqueline Murekatete, 25 Jacqueline Murekatete, 25

    Jacqueline's Human Rights Corner At the age of 9, Jacqueline became an orphan, the product of the brutal genocide in Rwanda. Her six siblings, parents, and most of her extended family were among the 1 million victims. Taken in by her uncle in America, Jacqueline founded the Jacqueline's Human Rights Corner in 2007 to educate people all over the world about genocides of the past. Delivering over 100 speeches at schools in the last 3 years, she has become the face of survival. She recently opened a community center in her Rwandan village.

    Jacqueline's Human Rights Corner »

  4. Wilfredo Perez Jr., 23 Wilfredo Perez Jr., 23

    Public Health Program for Haitian Youth Wilfredo is the first person in his family to graduate from high school, and he is now studying to be a doctor. He doesn't plan to be a plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills; Wilfredo is dedicating his life to public health. Before going starting medical school, Willfredo spent a year in Haiti, where he created a Public Health and Education Program. He trained 16 Haitians to be public health workers, treating 1200 patients from everything to tuberculosis to malaria.

    Public Health Program for Haitian Youth »

  5. Mark Rembert, 25 Mark Rembert, 25

    Energize Clinton County In 2008, the largest employer in Wilmington, OH was shut down, putting 8,000 people out of jobs. Since then, the local unemployment rate has spiked to 19%. In response, Mark launched Energize Clinton County, establishing Wilmington as the first Green Enterprise Zone in the country, and not only attracting new investment dollars, but ensuring a more sustainable future for Wilmington. Since launching in late 2008, the community has received 1.4 million dollars of direct green investment.

    Energize Clinton County »

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