1. Waiting For Superman Waiting For Superman

    Explores solutions that charter schools provide to the education crisis and challenges the affect of the powerful teacher's union.

    Waiting For Superman »

  2. The Lottery The Lottery

    Documents the hopes of children who have applied to publicly funded charter schools hoping for a better education, that have to wait for their future to be determined by a lottery.

    The Lottery »

  3. Precious Life Precious Life

    The movie features Israeli Doctors who help save a Palestinian child's life, and shows that cooperation between the two groups can have wonderful results.

    Precious Life »

  4. Race To Nowhere Race To Nowhere

    Tackles achievement obsession in education, and poses questions about the way we teach and raise our children.

    Race To Nowhere »

  5. The Tillman Story The Tillman Story

    Chronicles the death of a former NFL star that abandoned his lucrative career to defend his country, only to have his death used in a veritable propaganda campaign by the government.

    The Tillman Story »

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