DO SOMETHING The Do Something Award

  1. Sarah Cronk, 18 Sarah Cronk, 18

    Sarah watched her older brother Charlie struggle to fit in during high school because of his disabilities. He was depressed and anxious, until the captain of the swim team invited him to join. Suddenly, the cool kids welcomed him, and he found a new group of friends. Inspired by Charlie, Sarah co-founded the first high school-based inclusive cheerleading squad in the nation. Today, The Sparkle Effect has generated 26 squads in 15 states and South Africa, encouraging a culture of acceptance in every community.

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  2. Taryn Guerrero Davis, 25 Taryn Guerrero Davis, 25

    When she was just 21, Taryn received devastating news: Her husband, Corporal Michael Davis, had been killed in Iraq. While her family provided emotional support, she still felt lost and alone. When her Google search for “widow” turned up the result: “Do you mean window?” she knew she had to take action. Taryn created The American Widow Project to provide resources to the 3,000+ other women around the country whose husbands have died in Iraq and Afghanistan. This national movement has served and united over 700 widows so far, using peer-to-peer retreats, counseling, and virtual tools.

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  3. Mark Kabban, 23 Mark Kabban, 23

    Mark is familiar with the linguistic, financial, and educational struggles that immigrants face because of his own family’s experience coming to the United States from war-torn Lebanon. He realized the power of sports and education after earning a college athletic scholarship, and established YALLA to empower immigrant families and their children, using soccer and art to help them develop the knowledge and confidence to pursue their goals. In 2010 YALLA provided over 150 refugee children with soccer scholarships, in addition to offering tutoring programs and community service opportunities.

    YALLA (Youth And Leaders Living Actively)

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  4. Adam Lowy, 25 Adam Lowy, 25

    Adam's great-grandfather started a moving company over 90 years ago, and in working with his family, Adam has seen firsthand the amount of food that people throw away when they move. He recognized the potential of this wasted food and founded Move for Hunger, which works with moving companies to strengthen our nation’s food banks. Move for Hunger currently works with 130 moving companies across 32 states and has collected 150,000 pounds of food for food banks.

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  5. David Schwartz, 25 David Schwartz, 25

    David grew up in a low-income neighborhood where the school food was so bad that he and his friends would often go all day without eating and spend whatever little money they had on fast food after the last bell rang. When his family later moved to a nearby affluent suburb, he was shocked by the disparities between his two communities—how access to healthy foods in the inner city was so devastatingly low, and the diabetes rates so high. David created The Real Food Challenge to shift $1 billion of college food purchases toward local, sustainable, humane and fair trade sources by 2020.

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