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  1. Date: 9/18/08

    How do you tell mom "thank you" for all she did to help make you the mega-rich superstar you are today? Well, for starters, you can make sure she's got the goods: mansions, luxury...Read Full Summary

  2. Date: 9/25/08

    Take a fast-paced, first-class joy ride through the world of lavish living and luxury.

  3. Date: 9/4/08

    Waiting for your prince? Praying the glass slipper will be a perfect fit? Sounds like a fairytale, but for some ladies -- and a couple dudes -- it's a reality. These lucky people were plucked...Read Full Summary

  4. Date: 9/11/08

    Time for love -- and lust -- Hollywood-style! Hot couples like David and Victoria Beckham, Katherine Heigl and Josh Kelly, and, of course, Katie and Tom are truly going the distance for love. In...Read Full Summary

  5. Date: 8/28/08

    These days the biggest Hollywood production is reproduction. Stars are going ga-ga over babies, and their fans can't get enough. From $90,000 maternity wardrobes to $50,000 shopping sprees on...Read Full Summary

  6. Date: 10/16/08

    Remember that kid in high school everybody picked on? The one with the glasses whose lunch money got swiped? Well, guess what? These days, he could buy and sell you!

  7. Date: 10/9/08

    Take a fast-paced, first-class joy ride through the world of lavish living and luxury.

  8. Date: 8/21/08

    Lights ... Cameras ... Excess! The Fabulous Life is hitting the red carpet. Fame, fortune, and very fancy dresses. In "The Fabulous Life of Red Carpet Excess," we're breaking down the...Read Full Summary

  9. Date: 12/10/07

    2007 was, without a doubt, a record-setting year in super spending by the super rich. With celeb-obsessions reaching all-time highs, so did their paychecks.

  10. Date: 9/6/07

    Meet the most badass heirs and heiresses of today's hottest celebrities, rock stars and Hollywood power players. They're the absolute "it" kids of Tinseltown. Backed by...Read Full Summary

  11. Date: 9/13/07

    Let's face it, when you get to be a certain age in Hollywood it's time to hang up the stilettos. Right? Not anymore. These days rich, powerful and superfine sirens have decided age...Read Full Summary

  12. Date: 8/30/07

    We'll show you just how bad life really was for big time billionaires just before life got really, really good in The Fabulous Life Presents Billionaire Rags to Riches Billionaires.

  13. Date: 7/26/07

    Between Memorial Day and Labor Day, the ultimate in who's who from Hollywood to Wall Street all descend upon the Hamptons to get their fabulous summer on. Weaving expert interviews, field...Read Full Summary

  14. Date: 8/9/07

    We've got the latest in insane diets, absolutely shocking plastic surgeries, the world's most expensive trainers and celebrity hotness secrets that will blow your mind, this is The...Read Full Summary

  15. Date: 8/16/07

    While celebrities and millionaires have their fabulous mansions, dripping in amenities and extravagant luxury, today there's a new gold standard in real estate that lies beyond even their...Read Full Summary

  16. Date: 8/23/07

    Think the charmed world of fairy tale princes and princesses exits only in storybooks? Think again. These days young, hot bluebloods are ruling the Fabulous Life. VH1 will introduce you to the...Read Full Summary

  17. Date: 8/2/07

    Think stars are having all of the fun? Think again. These days nobody's making more and spending more than the buttoned-down badasses of Wall Street. From their sprawling estates and...Read Full Summary

  18. Date: 1/16/07

    From pre-nups to million dollar settlements, the costs of celebrity splitsville are huge and we'll break down exactly who's getting what. Find out who is battling over millions when The...Read Full Summary

  19. Date: 1/9/07

    From house tours in the most luxurious locales on earth to shopping sprees with unlimited spending power, we tag along as the upper class serves us a first-hand taste of the high life.

  20. Date: 12/11/06

    From private jets to pricey bling, from speedy rides to even speedier shopping sprees, we'll reveal the massive spending habits of everyone from the Beckhams to Brangelina.

  21. Date: 12/4/06

    In this episode of Fabulous Life we're taking you deep inside the world of celebrity moguls to reveal just how today's stars are truly making their fortunes.

  22. Date: 1/23/07

    We're breaking down the steamy sex lives of your favorite celebrities. From wild nights at high-end strip clubs, to illicit trysts in Hollywood's hottest hotels, the Fabulous life is going...Read Full Summary

  23. Date: 1/2/07

  24. Date: 11/27/06

    What's a man to do when he's got millions in the bank, a private jet at his beck and call and the world at his fingertips? Share it with a hot young piece of arm candy, of course! ...Read Full Summary

  25. Date: 11/20/06

    From indulgent spas and precious works of art by the likes of Picasso and Warhol, to an excess of entertainment such as movie theaters, basketball courts and disco clubs, we'll show you just...Read Full Summary

  26. Date: 11/13/06

    The only accessory any true celebrity can't leave home without is an entourage.Nothing compares to having their own personal staff on hand to make sure they're always at their best!

  27. Date: 6/19/06

    From the illustrious Malibu shores to the white-hot beaches of Miami, from the skyscraping views of NYC to Mexico's gorgeous Pacific coast-celebrities are scooping up mega-mansions in the...Read Full Summary

  28. Date: 5/29/06

  29. Date: 5/8/06

    We're going to introduce you to the newest sons and daughters of fame and fortune. And if you thought mommy and daddy lived well you won't believe the lives of their celebrity kids...

  30. Date: 6/4/06

  31. Date: 4/17/06

    What's that old saying about "things are better the second time around?" Oh, how true... and nobody knows that better than celebrities. For some celebs hitting rock bottom means...Read Full Summary

  32. Date: 5/21/06

    Think no one lives larger than uber-fab celebs like J.Lo, Tom Cruise and Paris Hilton? Guess again. Sure they've got tons of fame but their fortunes are small potatoes compared to these folks -...Read Full Summary

  33. Date: 4/10/06

    Living a life of fortune and fame partying with the jet set spending someone else's money ahh, the life of a kept man. That's right, The Fabulous Life is taking an inside look at kept men...Read Full Summary

  34. Date: 3/29/06

    The Fabulous Life is at it again. This time on Hollywood's super-sexy and super-wealthy young stars so hot the world knows them on a first-name basis. Stars like Lindsay, Jake, Paris, Orlando,...Read Full Summary

  35. Date: 1/16/06

    When Old Man Winter hits town, celebrities hit the slopes and the beaches of the world's most fantastically exclusive resorts. We travel the globe to bring viewers the inside scoop on...Read Full Summary

  36. Date: 1/30/06

    It's true what they say, blood is thicker than water. And if you're lucky enough to share bloodlines with a megastar, that old adage is truer that you can imagine! If you think celebs like...Read Full Summary

  37. Date: 1/23/06

    A marriage, three kids, and two jobs - sounds like a tough life. But if you're superstar, supermom Kelly Ripa, it's fabulous. Sure, America's favorite perky blonde may be busy, but...Read Full Summary

  38. Date: 12/5/05

    From incredible vacation sprees around the world, to lavish parties and couture threads for every occasion, 2005 was all about ka-ching! This year, stars spent more on their bods, boats and beaus...Read Full Summary

  39. Date: 1/2/06

    What else do the super rich, super celebrity set deserve more than anything? Free stuff, and lots of it! That's right, because the very moment celebs hit the big time and really start rolling...Read Full Summary