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  1.   Exclusive Fantasia Interview with Rich Juzwiak

    VH1 Blog's Rich Juzwiak interviews Fantasia.

    Air Date: 1/13/10

  2.   Martini Minute and 5 Questions with Fantasia

    Get to know more about VH1's biggest star!

    Air Date: 1/12/10

  3.   No More Freebies Show Clips

    Check out the highlights from this week's episode!

    Air Date: 1/12/10

Full Episode Summary

As the season begins, Fantasia is in the studio recording her hot new track, "Move On Me." And with six people living off her dwindling income, she needs a hit... now! Back at her sprawling North Carolina mansion is the entire Barrino clan. And when Fantasia and her manager, Brian go on the road to test her new song, Fantasia hopes that her no-nonsense Aunt Bunny will keep the homefront in order. But when her under-employed, over-confident brother, Teeny gets a brilliant idea to convert the pool house into a recording studio, all heck breaks lose.