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  1.   The Re-Invention of Fantasia Show Clips

    Fantasia records her next single and addresses issues with her father!

    Air Date: 3/01/10

Full Episode Summary

Looking to keep his promise to Fantasia, Teeny sets out to find a place of his own place. After he finds a decent crib, he decides to throw a party for "the bosses" in an attempt to raise the needed cash. Meanwhile, working toward her GED, Fantasia takes her final assessment test. Things are going great on the road for Fantasia until her mom calls to let her know her dad isn't happy with her; they've had a strained relationship ever since she won American Idol. Fantasia funnels all her emotions into a new song. Back home, she takes a deep breath and makes the call to dad... and the fireworks explode. Best friend Santezja takes Fantasia to dinner so she can get out of the house. They talk about family issues and Santezja decides it might do Fantasia some good to see where she grew up. Inspired by Santezja's talk with the children at a shelter, Fantasia is determined to fix her broken relationship with dad.