1. Age: 26
    Residence: Scottsdale, AZ
    Job: Model

    Taylor was born in a small town of Brazil, but grew up in Scottsdale, Arizona after moving to the United States at a very young age. She never knew her biological father who's recently passed away, because he left Taylor and her mother when she was just 2 years old. Her mother then remarried, and her wealthy stepfather treated her like a total princess, which was the start of Taylor's love for "the finer things in life." She's a definite "daddy's little girl" who gets whatever she wants just by batting her eyelashes. She became pregnant shortly after high school, and reluctantly gave her young child up for adoption.

    Taylor thinks that when she walks into a room, all eyes are on her. "Guys stalk" her, and girls "hate her because she's such a threat." She also says "It sucks to be me and look this beautiful, because guy's are so intimidated by my looks and the attention I always get." Taylor also says "I hug my pillows alone at night and I hate every second of it." She prefers to date African American athletes, and takes being bitchy to another level putting up a wall to hide her emotional past, which still "haunts" her. She is now ready to give the right guy a chance, one who won't judge her for her past.

  2. Christopher FultonChristopher Fulton

    Christopher Fulton is a beauty/image consultant living in New York City. From hairstyling and makeup to personal styling, Christopher works to always impart a sense of fun and simple elegance when working with clients. His clients range from celebrities and Manhattan's social elite to the everyday woman. Christopher has lean this expertise to various major fashion publications and media outlets.

  3. JaQuette JonesJaQuette Jones

    JaQuette is a 28 year old NYC-based wardrobe stylist and image consultant. She has an extensive educational and professional background in the fashion industry and has worked for companies such as RocaWear, Macys, Steve Madden and most recently, as an associate Internet merchant for the shoes and accessories areas at . She likes to say that she leads a double life by working her 9 to 5 while also working as wardrobe stylist 24/7. JaQuette says it's all about doing whatever it takes to achieve your goals and dreams!

    Ms. Jones is a very outgoing and goal driven fashionista and has a strong eye for trends and an ability to create great visual stories and outfits. She always puts the customer first and is able to work with a variety of styles by tailoring her services to any type of person. She has demonstrated her agility by working with models ranging from straight to plus sized, as well as both men and women.

  4. Sarah Tamar KohanSarah Tamar Kohan

    Sarah Tamar Kohan lives in Brooklyn, NY where she studies marketing and graphic design. She is involved in a wide array of creative endeavors including artistic and editorial photography, graphic design, and styling for photo shoots, fashion shows, nightlife, and events. She is also one half of the dynamic, New York-based DJ duo, Sara & Nora, and is praised for her diverse, unending dance sets and inconceivably fabulous style. She recently began a collaborative DJ collective called Beauty Massacre, which encompasses her love for music, New York City, and of course, distinctive and cutting edge fashion. When she isn't hosting a party, heading to class, or downing espresso, she enjoys biking around NYC (though she struggles at times with biker road rage), puppies, great friends, making beats, learning French, and picnics.