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  1.   Reunion Bonus Clips

    Watch footage from the reunion show and see the girls reunite, NY pick a fight as Flav's rhymes stay tight!

    Air Date: 4/02/06

  2.   Confessions

    Watch as some of the tearful and the determined confess their true love.

    Air Date: 7/30/06

  3.   Most Flav-rageous

    Check out the Flavor of Love moments that have everyone talkin'!

    Air Date: 7/30/06

  4.   Flavor of Tears

    Check out whose crying to become Ms. Flav.

    Air Date: 7/28/06

  5.   The Reunion Show Clips

    Watch a "Wicked Short" version of the show to see who's hot, who's stirring the pot and whose got Flav's love.

    Air Date: 4/02/06

  6.   The Spit Hits The Fan Show Clips

    Watch the infamous Pumpkin Vs. New York spit battle and other outrageous cat fights.

    Air Date: 2/26/06

Full Episode Summary

All of the girls are being brought back to one stage to reunite for the first time since they were eliminated from the show. There is a lot of unfinished business between the ladies and Flav is sure to call some of them out on their actions in the house.