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  1.   Episode 1 Bonus Clips

    Watch outtakes and interviews from the first episode that you won't see on air.

    Air Date: 1/03/06

  2.   15 Beds & A Bucket Of Puke Show Clips

    Watch a wicked short version of the series premiere and meet the women who are trying to win Flav's heart.

    Air Date: 1/01/06

Full Episode Summary

Flavor Flav welcomes 20 women to his macadocious mansion with the hope of finding the next great love of his life. To start things off he gives the girls nicknames (he'd never be able to remember their real ones) and then throws a get-to-know-ya mixer in the backyard by the pool. But this isn't your ordinary bachelor! Catty posturing and half naked swimming lead up to the first elimination ceremony. As the ceremony commences, one of the girls is absent only to be found face down on the living room couch...vomiting. Five girls are going home, will the puker be eliminated?