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  1.   Episode 3 Bonus Clips

    Check out outtakes and extras from "A Friend of Flav's is a Friend of Mine" and the origin of Flav's love of clocks.

    Air Date: 1/13/06

  2.   A Friend Of Flav's Is A Friend Of Mine Show Clips

    Check out a 'Wicked Short' version of episode 3 and see who's the best at making friends.

    Air Date: 1/13/06

Full Episode Summary

Ten girls are left and the competition is getting stiff. Flav divides the girls into groups of five and presents them with two challenges. In the first challenge, he wants five of the girls to meet some old friends of his. The girl that his old friends like the best will get a private date with Flav. Much to the girls' surprise, Flav drops them off to assist at an old folks home.

The second challenge, Flav wants the other five girls to throw a birthday party for some pals of his. The girl his pals like the best will also win a private date with Flav. But instead of dropping them off at a nightclub, Flav escorts the girls to a gazebo in the park where a birthday is in process with twenty five screaming our year olds. It's time to see what kind of Moms these girls will make.

Will the girls who win the private dates save themselves from he next elimination? Or will they put their foot in their mouth, along with their white zinfandel? Either way, two girls have got to go!