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  1.   Flavor Of Love | Episode 105 | Bonus Clips

    Check out sexy outtakes and extras from "What Happens in Flavor Stays in Flavor."

    Air Date: 1/29/06

  2.   Flavor Of Love | Episode 105 | Highlights

    See what happens when Flav takes the girls to Sin City to see which one is the luckiest lady of them all.

    Air Date: 1/29/06

Full Episode Summary

Flavor Flav is a good luck person. So he needs a good luck woman. To test the girls on this trait, he flies the seven remaining women to Vegas on his private jet. The girl who wins the most money at the roulette table then will accompany him on a private date in a five star Vegas restaurant while the other girls hit a taco stand and then head for the strip clubs.

The next day, Flav challenges the girls to the Five Senses Heptathlon, testing each of the girls on their smell, taste, sound, touch, and... visual assets. So after sniffing, licking, groping, ogling, and listening to the girls sing badly, Flav tallies the scores. The girl who scored the highest overall gets some private time with Flav in his Jacuzzi bath.

Flav finds a lucky girl who appeals to all his senses, but his world is thrown upside down when some tragic news affects his elimination plans. One girl leaves... but not the one Flav intended.