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  1.   Episode 6 Bonus Clips

    Check out extra footage from "Intterogitted" and get a dose of truth, lies and casting tape!

    Air Date: 2/12/06

  2.   Intterogitted Show Clips

    Check out this 'Wicked Short' version of episode 6 and see who can't handle the truth!

    Air Date: 2/12/06

Full Episode Summary

There's six girls left so Flav brings out the big guns. He flies Brigitte Neilsen into town to get to know the girls a little better. And to really get the dirt, Brigitte has set up a lie detector test for the Flavorettes. After grilling the girls, Brigitte takes them out on the town where the sparks really begin to fly. Over brunch the next day, Brigitte downloads Flav over who he should keep and who he should lose in the upcoming elimination. It's a sweetly strange reunion, folks, with a surprise ending even we didn't see coming.